CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling

How to Choose a Good Set of CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling?

What is the Definition of CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling?

CNC Nesting Machine centre is equipped with 9-hole drilling bag, equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, and independent operation. Usually used in conjunction with label coding machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms. High speed, high precision, high efficiency and stability. It is suitable for processing various cabinet doors and wooden doors.

CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling
CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling


  1. Furniture: cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft fan windows, tables, chairs, etc. Wooden door cutting, wooden door artwork carving, wave board, 3d photo carving, small or large relief works, cylindrical wood carving, 3d photo carving, etc.
  2. Advertising industry:advertising signs and logos, decorative products, wood, medium density fiberboard, bamboo, plastic, PVC, acrylic, metal, stone, etc.
  3. Art industry: character carving, character carving and cutting, famous brand making, small gift cutting, souvenir making, carving various decorative letters, small windows, fences, figures on walls, etc.
  4. Model making: engraving metal molds such as copper, aluminum and iron, as well as non-metal molds such as marble, sandstone, plastic plates, PVC pipes and wood panels.
  5. Other industries: CNC wood engraving machine can engrave all kinds of large reliefs and shadows, which are widely used in craft gift industry.
CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling
CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling

What are the Elements of Choosing the better CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling?

  1. Air cooling spindle with high speed,high efficiency and little noise.
  2. It’s with loading and unloading nesting system, so can save time and have high efficiency.
  3. Taiwan HIWIN square guide rails and Taiwan TBI ball screws with high precision,large load bearing and stable running.
  4. Equipped with professional vacuum adsorption base with the high strength engineering plastics surface in order to ensure can bear large load and longtime working.
  5. Adopt high powerful professional vacuum pump,strong adsorption capacity.

CNC Nesting Machine with DrillingCNC Nesting Machine with DrillingCNC Nesting Machine with Drilling

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