4 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Machine

CNC Foam Engraving Machine

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4 Axis CNC Foam Cutting MachineThe foam engraving machine is to process this kind of foam, mainly milling type, like the one below.

In the early days, the foam was cut by manual operation, and the disadvantages were low efficiency, poor precision, and high labor costs. Later, after the emergence of the foam engraving machine, the foam milling type realized the replacement of labor by numerical control. Many companies have also adopted it, which not only improves efficiency, but also improves the processing accuracy of products. At this time, too many manual operations are not required, reducing the dependence of products and enterprises on labor.

The inverter of the foam engraving machine is driven by the spindle motor of the engraving machine, which mainly requires stable operation and stable speed change. The full speed fluctuation is small, and the low speed torque is large, which can ensure low speed cutting.

4 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Machine

Selection of engraving machine inverter:

The selection of the engraving machine inverter determines the following matters:

1) Purpose of frequency conversion; constant voltage control or constant current control, etc.

2) The load type of the engraving machine inverter; pay special attention to the performance curve of the load, such as a vane pump or a positive displacement pump, the performance curve determines the application method.

3) The inverter and load matching problem of the engraving machine;

  1. Voltage matching; the rated voltage of the engraving machine inverter is consistent with the rated voltage of the load.
  2. Current matching; the rated current of the ordinary centrifugal pump and engraving machine inverter is consistent with the rated current of the motor. For special loads (such as deep pumps, etc.), it is necessary to refer to the motor performance parameters to determine the inverter current and overload capacity of the engraving machine with the maximum current.
  3. Torque matching; this may happen when there is a certain torque load or reduction gear.
  4. When the inverter of the engraving machine is used to drive the high-speed motor, the reactance of the high-speed motor is very small, so the harmonics increase and the output current value increases. Therefore, the selection of the engraving machine inverter used by the high-speed motor has a slightly larger capacity than the selection of the ordinary motor.
  5. When the inverter of the engraving machine runs a long cable, measures should be taken to suppress the influence of the long cable on the grounding coupling to prevent the output of the engraving machine inverter from being insufficient. So in this case, the capacity of the engraving machine inverter should be expanded, or an output nuclear reactor should be installed at the output end of the engraving machine inverter.
  6. For special applications such as high temperature and altitude, it may cause the inverter of the engraving machine to drop, and the capacity of the inverter of the engraving machine needs to be enlarged by one block.

CNC Foam Engraving Machine

Split-type Styrofoam machining center is a high-end equipment with a spindle that can rotate 180°, which can not only engrave plane graphics, but also engrave various three-dimensional handicrafts and models. The rear-arranged knife magazine can hold 8/12/16 knives (can be customized according to your actual situation).

Features of Styrofoam engraving machine:

Styrofoam model engraving machine is equipped with international leading components.

It adopts high-power electric spindle, and the drive system adopts servo motor.

It adopts high-speed drive stepper motor and driver, and the y-axis adopts double motor drive, so that it can run at a high speed and can reach an idle speed of more than 35 m/min. With the strong cutting spindle, the engraving speed can be further improved.

The z-axis travel can be increased, and the processing width is large, which is suitable for processing large and ultra-thick materials.

Intelligent protection of the work surface: to prevent possible damage to the work surface caused by misoperation or software errors. Intelligent processing cross-border protection to prevent mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width.

PC control system or computer control to automatically complete multi-level 3D processing. Capable of fast, smooth 3D machining, engraving or cutting. Offline operation is possible.

Original imported linear guide, self-lubricating block. When engraving, the force in all directions is equal, which ensures the mechanical precision and strength.

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