CNC Router Controller Complete Guide

The CNC router controller is like a human brain, controlling the performance and quality of the entire CNC machine. As we all know, the CNC router is mainly composed of two parts, such as the frame and the control of the CNC controller. The structure of the machine is like the human body, and the control system is like the human brain and soul. Today we are going to talk about the brains of CNC machine controllers.

What is a CNC router controller?

CNC controller is the control core of CNC milling machine. Its performance directly affects the quality and processing efficiency of the machine. Therefore, whether as a user or a company, we must understand the CNC router driver.

CNC router controller components

The CNC router controller consists of three parts. One is the controller, the second is the Inverter, and the third is the CNC controller and control software. The function of the controller is to receive the pulse signal provided by the controller to drive the stepper motor to move. One of the most important functions of the pilot is to subdivide the pulse. Each stepper motor will receive a full square pulse signal, which will generate a fixed step. The main function of the frequency converter is to receive signals from the controller and generate high-speed pulse equipment, and adjust the operating speed of the main shaft by adjusting the power supply frequency. The controller of the CNC engraving machine is the core part of the control system of the machine. Its main function is to execute computer software commands and control the Inverter and the work of the Inverter.

The common CNC router controller on the market mainly include three types. Including the control by connecting to the computer, the control by the handle and the control by the integrated machine.

Computer control. The control method is to control the XYZ axis trajectory of the engraving machine and the rotation of the spindle motor by installing a software driver on the computer. This control method can preview the treatment effect. If the program loading error can be fixed in time, we can check the processing track at any time.

Processing control. We can master this control method to control the processing path of the CNC router. It has the advantages of space saving, easy adjustment of tools and no need to occupy a computer. The disadvantage is that the operation is relatively inconvenient. After all, all functions are built into the control panel. If you do not master this operation, it is easy to press the wrong function key and you cannot directly preview the treatment effect.

Integrated machine control. This control method can realize multi-axis control and automatic tool change with its rich interface and perfect functions. The control system is mainly used for high-end CNC machines, machining centers and certain forming machine tools. The system’s anti-interference ability, performance and control accuracy are better than other categories. The disadvantage is that the operation is relatively complicated and expensive.

Later, we will also update the guide on accessories such as spindles, motors, and workingtable. If you are interested or want to know about the topic, please leave a message to us, we will provide it to you.

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