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Linear ATC CNC Wood RouterAt present, the cabinet doors of Jianou cabinets and the line wardrobe doors of Jianou are very popular on the market. So what machines are needed to produce cabinet doors? I believe this is a question that many friends who want to open cabinet and wardrobe manufacturers are eager to know. Then today Jiabang CNC will introduce to you.

Before selecting equipment, you must first clarify the production volume and investment of your own factory, which are generally divided into two situations:

A simple point: need an ordinary three-process or four-process cutting machine (for door blanking); manual sanding machine; hinge machine; blister machine, etc.

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Second, the investment is slightly higher (high output): this requires the configuration of a cutting machining center (generally 12 knives for automatic tool change are enough); single-head hinge machine; four sets of special-shaped sanding machines; positive and negative pressure machines Wait.

As an indispensable part of the cabinet door production process, the cutting machine is widely used due to its unique equipment advantages once it is listed. As an upgrade of ordinary woodworking engraving machine, the cutting machine has obvious advantages in equipment performance and application. The cutting machine has a high degree of automation, and can automatically change the tool to realize the cutting, punching, grooving and other processes of the furniture sheet, and combined with the professional furniture design and dismantling software, it can realize the customized production of cabinets, wardrobes and other cabinets, and improve the efficiency. At the same time, it can replace some operating masters, which can save a large part of labor costs for the factory, so it is favored by furniture factories.

Now there are more and more cutting machine manufacturers in the market, and the competition in the corresponding industry is becoming more and more fierce. The survival of the fittest is the constant law of development. After market integration and elimination, only formal and professional production enterprises can be invincible. land. As an old factory of more than ten years, Jiabang CNC keeps abreast of market changes and focuses on equipment technology research and development. In the constantly changing and constantly updated market demand, Jiabang CNC always adheres to the concept of quality-oriented and honesty, and guarantees manufacturers, partners and users. All worry, the cooperative user groups are all over the country.

Jiabang CNC sells not only equipment, but also solutions. You only need to bring your needs, and leave the rest to Jiabang CNC, which will definitely customize a more economical and efficient equipment production plan for you.

What are the advantages of in-line knife changing and cutting machine processing door panels?

Production equipment is the basis for enterprises to develop production and improve efficiency. Jiabang CNC has learned through visiting customers that furniture dealers generally need a comprehensive and efficient equipment, so the in-line machining center to be introduced today may be just right. to suit your production needs. The in-line tool change machining center is suitable for the production of panel furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, office furniture and other products, and can complete processes such as cutting, grooving, carving, and punching.

Jiabang CNC straight row tool change center adopts 9KW cold air spindle imported from Italy to realize automatic tool change. The commonly used tool magazines have 8 knives, 10 knives, and 12 knives, and are divided into two types. The tool magazine placed under the gantry is a follow-up tool change center. If you need to change the tool during processing, you can directly change the tool, which is convenient and quick, and you don’t need to go to the back to change it every time, saving the time of back and forth tool change. Professional control system, one-button operation is simple and easy to learn, with functions of breakpoint, power failure, and continuous engraving. The transmission parts such as screw rod, square rail and slider are imported from Taiwan, which are fine and stable, so that the equipment can run with high precision and high speed. The table top is made of high-hardness PVC material, which is smooth and flat. It is equipped with a high-power vacuum pump and has super suction, which can absorb plates of different sizes. The bed is welded with an integral steel structure, which has high hardness and strong rigidity, and is not easily deformed by perennial use.

Through the introduction of the configuration, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding. When we purchase the in-line machining center, we should choose the equipment manufacturer carefully, conduct on-the-spot inspections, and see if the production experience is sufficient and the technology has passed the test. Choose a manufacturer with guaranteed equipment configuration and after-sales service, so that you can deal with it in time when there is a failure in the later period, so you can use it with peace of mind.

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