Which CNC routers machine can make signs?

Today, we will introduce various options suitable for sign makers.

Sign making is a very valuable industry. There are many ways to create a portal to customer’s business, from simple flat CNC cutting letters to light trays with fixture cut holes, to printing on the sign tray, and then the output can be powdered and illuminated with bright LED lights.


For a long time, most brands have used hand planing or sawing to make hand-formed panels! This is still the case today.

What if you want to produce flat-cut acrylic letters, architectural double-sided/foam panels, etc. at high speed and with laser precision? It has never been easier to be able to repeatedly produce large numbers of accurate panels. Buying a CNC routers is an important process for any business, but it is also very beneficial.

Think of CNC routers as a form of automation. Deal with difficult-to-repeat tasks and eliminate them over and over again to increase productivity and business profits.

We have several CNC routing solutions that are very suitable for logo design. The first is our CNC wood machine series, there are a variety of bed types for you to choose:

1200*1200mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm and 2000*3000mm(can be customized according to your needs). Each size of these beds can cover the smallest or even the largest signature studio (custom sizes are also available).

With our iGOLDENCNC machine tools, you can also get a high-performance 6.0 KW air-cooled spindle with a speed of up to 24,000 RPM. With the perfect combination of performance and precision, our spindle can cut a variety of materials. There is too much material to list, but this is just a small sample:

Medium density fiberboard

  • Plywood
  • Acrylic
  • plastic
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • rubber
  • Cement wall covering

Our CNC routers can also reduce the speed to 20m per minute through its fast hybrid stepper motor driver. They also used helical racks and pinions on the X and Y axes, and a reciprocating ball screw on the Z axis to create the best environment for impressive accuracy and repeatability.

In addition, we also provide you with vacuum laminating machines, polishing machines, etc., to make your processed samples more beautiful. Combined with a four-bag dust collection system, the chips on the cutting surface can be removed.

If you are looking for a CNC router that can increase productivity and will not damage, then our CNC machines will perform all your sign production projects very efficiently.

Need to increase productivity? Do you want to save more time to create panels? Welcome to follow us and contact us at any time.

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