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Which brand of woodworking CNC cutting machine and CNC six-sided drill is better?

Features and advantages of woodworking CNC cutting machine

The high-efficiency industrial woodworking CNC cutting machine adopts a six-zone design vacuum suction cup with international advanced technology, and is equipped with a super vacuum pump, which can strongly absorb materials in different areas. This will greatly improve work efficiency. Commercial CNC woodworking CNC cutting machine adopts professional high temperature artificial aging treatment, eliminates welding stress, has high processing and engraving precision, and is durable and not deformed. The XY axis of the high-speed transmission system adopts rack and pinion transmission mode, and the Z axis adopts Taiwan Province ball screw and linear guide. High-speed, high-precision, smooth linear motion guarantees machine durability and long service life. The drive motor and driver run at high speed, and the Y-axis is driven by two motors. High-precision rack drive, powerful spindle cutting, making wiring smoother and faster. Stable and high-quality linear square guide rails, double-row and four-row ball sliders, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life. High-precision, high-precision ball screw heads. The offline handle control system of intelligent control DSP adopts breakpoint memory to ensure that the cutting machine can continue to process in the event of breakage, power failure, accidental paper jam and other unexpected situations. The industrial wood board cutting machine has the characteristics of high stability, high efficiency, easy to learn and use. The high-precision and advanced 3D curve prediction algorithm ensures the speed and accuracy of the curve operation, and can be well compatible with many advanced CAM/CAD software at home and abroad, such as MasterCAM, Type 30, UG, AutoCAD, Artcam, Pro-E and other software. The durable bed is welded with an all-steel structure, with strong rigidity, high strength, stable rotation, and long-term high-speed operation without deformation and vibration. The gantry-type movement strengthens the desktop, and can process any material on the desktop, which is durable. The bed structure consists of a heavy-duty steel tube frame and thickened steel frame for durability. It also features cast steel gantry brackets that greatly reduce vibration and improve wiring quality. Automatic lubrication system for easy completion of regular maintenance. Aluminum T-slot Holds Vacuum Tables Aluminum T-slots hold six-zone vacuum tables. The wood can be sucked up with a vacuum pump or secured with a clamping tool.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making MachineDouble-spindle plus row drilling CNC cutting machine

Accessory kits include all necessary accessories such as wrenches, collets, jigs, drills, etc. Optional parts If your industrial woodworking CNC cutting machine uses a 3-axis CNC controller, you can use a rotary unit instead of X or Y axis for engraving. If you change the machine controller to a 4-axis CNC controller, X, Y, Z , A axis can work at the same time, it is a real CNC cutting machine with complex 4 axis work.

Woodworking CNC cutting machine can be used to carve cork, hardwood, MDF, aluminum-plastic composite board, ABS two-color board, PVC foam board, wood board, PCB, aluminum board. Furniture Making Doors, Cabinets, Tables, Chairs, Wavy Boards, Fine Patterns, Antique Furniture, Wooden Doors, Screens, Craft Sashes, Composite Doors, Cabinet Doors, Interior Doors, Sofa Legs, Headboards, Advertising Signs, Signs, Badges, Display Boards , conference signs, billboards, billboards, signs, acrylic molds are used to manufacture copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, artificial marble, sand, plastic plates, PVC and other non-metal molds. And decorative wooden crafts, gift boxes, jewelry boxes.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

The general composition of the woodworking CNC cutting machine is the same as that of the CNC cutting machine, except that the automatic tool change configuration is added. The tool enables precise sizing of soft, semi-rigid or other flexible materials while maintaining the accuracy of sizing parts. Whether it is complex text, patterns, logos or personalized designs, woodworking CNC cutting machines can perform precise processing. In recent years, as people know more and more about vibrating knife machines, woodworking CNC cutting machines have been widely used in the carpet industry.

Benefits to the Carpet Industry

The application of woodworking CNC cutting machine in the carpet industry is not very mature, so there are infinite possibilities, and the future demand will increase a lot. According to statistics, in 2019, the demand for carpets in various countries increased by more than 5%. In order to seize this market, it is necessary to ensure that the vibrating knife CNC cutting machine can maintain long-term cutting and precise cutting, in order to gain the favor of more customers. Rest assured, Jiabang CNC machine tools can guarantee quality and provide high-precision machining in a safe working environment.

Features of woodworking CNC cutting machine

This model of CNC cutting machine is best suited for processing softer materials. The machine cuts leather and fabrics other than carpets through an automatic conveyor system and an additional automatic feeder. They can also be used in cut rubber formwork, foam boards, event banners, and more. In fact, the early use of these machines was limited to the wooden furniture industry. When cutting boards, it is used to process non-metallic materials such as wooden cabinet doors, doors, tables and chairs. People from all walks of life are gradually discovering the benefits of CNC machine tools.

If you want to buy a woodworking CNC cutting machine, we have a variety of accessories for you to choose from. For example: different types and sizes of tools, automatic loading and unloading function, automatic tool changing system, vacuum adsorption function, dust removal function, etc. can be configured according to your needs.

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