CNC Stone Machining Center

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Stone Machining Center, also known as kitchen cabinet stone machining center, countertop machining center, quartz stone countertop machining center, marble countertop machining center. It is designed to emboss, cut, polish, drill, and engrave on other materials. Now, the affordable CNC stone machining machine is sold at the best price.

CNC Stone Machining Center

Introduction of the CNC Stone Machine

A stone machining center is designed for the deep processing of quartz, marble, granite, slate, and other artificial stones. It can cut and drill holes, engrave letters and patterns, and mill and grind the stone surfaces. It is widely used to make kitchen countertops, bathroom washbasins, bar counters, coffee tables, stone statues and sculptures, tombstones and gravestones, and other artificial stone crafts and artworks.

Stone CNC machining center is suitable for cutting and polishing natural marble, granite, quartz, bluestone, tombstone, headstone, etc. Now the best stone CNC machine for sale with affordable price.

Stone CNC Machine Center

What is used for?

Stone CNC machining center is a kind of stone CNC machine. Sometimes Stone CNC machining center is also called CNC stone cutting machine or CNC machine for stone. Stone CNC machining center is a fully automatic stone CNC machine designed for deep processing of quartz stone countertops, marble countertops, granite stone countertops, artificial stone countertops, slate countertops, and other stone countertops. Therefore, Stone CNC machining center can be divided into granite CNC machine, marble CNC machine, quartz CNC machine, etc.

Stone CNC Machine Center

Features of the Stone Machine Center

  1. Vacuum adsorption table design, feeding is convenient and quick.
  2. High-power spindle motor is more suitable for cutting.
  3. The stone CNC machine is more stable, more durable, effectively reducing the equipment in high-speed operation, the spindle jitter, broken knife, dislocation and so on.
  4. A unique filter tank, water circulation system, effectively extending the service life of the sink.
  5. Automatic oiling system, maintenance and more convenient.
  6. Three shaft all dustproof and waterproof design.
  7. Top brand spindle to ensure that the stone CNC machine in the high-speed operation, the output torque capacity unchanged, the spindle wear, high temperature.

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