cnc wood cutting machine

Four-process automatic CNC cutting machine

At present, more and more enterprises have begun to use cutting machines. Fully automatic CNC cutting machine is a machine for cutting and grooving custom furniture. It can get rid of the dependence of traditional cutting methods on labor, and realize intelligent production combined with the design of plate disassembly and layout software.

cnc wood cutting machine

Factors promoting the development of automatic CNC cutting machine:

Market factors directly lead to the pricing of automatic CNC cutting machines, the competitive environment of the market and the relationship between supply and demand, which make the price of CNC cutting tools fluctuate. Under market economy conditions, changes in supply and demand will also affect the price fluctuations of manufacturers, but the overall influencing factors are not large.

The advantages of the automatic CNC cutting machine itself

The system adopts numerical control system (Taiwan Baoyuan system, Taiwan new generation system), efficient automatic processing, which greatly saves time and investment cost for you, and improves production efficiency. It has the functions of breakpoint, power off, and continuous engraving after cutting off the knife. It has the characteristics of high stability, high efficiency and easy learning.

The cost of automatic CNC cutting machine

The production cost is the lower limit of the price, so the manufacturer of the automatic CNC cutting machine will consider the impact of cost in the pricing process. With different needs, manufacturers of fully automatic CNC cutting machines will adopt a variety of specific production modes, which fundamentally further guarantees the diversification of prices. According to different usage requirements, in the price selection process, it is necessary to select according to the actual usage requirements, so as to measure the matching price.

In order to meet the needs of customers for the use of CNC cutting machines, Jiabang CNC provides guarantees for customers, and further regulates and controls the products themselves and the market as much as possible, so as to ensure cost reduction and provide backing for further process production. There are many types of devices on the market, you need to keep your eyes open and choose the device that suits you.

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Recommended equipment: four-process CNC cutting machine

The four-process CNC cutting machine is an economical multi-function numerical control equipment. The four-process numerical control cutting machine has four spindles. When producing panel furniture, all four spindles can realize punching processing, two of which are high-power The main shaft is dedicated to grooving and blanking, and the other two are dedicated to punching. Multiple spindle motors work at the same time, which can complete the processing of products in large quantities. Advanced automatic tool change program, without manual intervention, the program is automatically executed. Adopt international leading technology vacuum adsorption table, equipped with vacuum pump with strong adsorption force, six-zone design, can strongly adsorb materials of different areas, greatly improve work efficiency.

Standard 2 6.0kw+2 4.5kw air-cooled high-speed electric spindles, built-in fan cooling, high-temperature grease lubrication, the body is made of high-quality stainless steel, imported ceramic ball bearings come with a dust cover, precision grinding inner holes, High precision chuck and dynamic balancing nut. The four processes work continuously, and the processing requirements are completed at one time. Double-layer sealing and air-sealing structure, better dustproof effect, low noise, smooth body, not easy to rust, and high rotation accuracy. Long bearing life, low speed at high speed, stable operation, no chipping during machining, high spindle accuracy, maintenance-free, and 200% increase in work efficiency.

The four processes of blanking, slotting, punching and engraving are completed at one time;

Fast automatic board calculation – just input the length, width and height of the finished product, and automatically calculate the size of the required boards such as the top panel, side panel, door panel, etc.;

Save sheets and improve sheet utilization – According to the required size of the calculation board and different sheet materials, the material calculation optimization software is used to optimize the combination, give priority to the use of the remaining material, and then increase the optimization rate and through-knife cutting to improve the sheet utilization rate;

Reduce the error rate – the optimized results can be directly entered into the program, which can be matched with the cutting machine to avoid human input errors and improve production efficiency

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