CNC Stone Router Machine Tool Used In Different Materials

The cnc stone router machine is a large-scale mechanical equipment that can carry out three-dimensional calligraphy and painting, graphic carving, cutting, lettering and other processes on natural stone, glass, and ceramics. This stone router machines is suitable for stone industry, stone monument processing industry, artistic relief, Buddha statues, and advertising industries. , Decoration industry, ceramic industry, glass processing industry.

CNC Stone Router Machine 1, stone engraving machine, acrylic cutting processing, recommend using single blade spiral milling cutter, characterized by processing the smokeless tasteless, quick speed, high efficiency, non-stick crumbs, real environmental protection, the special manufacturing process to ensure that processing the force that press a gram not mouth, very fine grain (or even no knife), the surface is bright and clean level off. Machining surface to achieve frosted effect, it is recommended to use double three blade spiral milling cutter.

2, cnc stone router machine cutting density board mould opening (advertising), it is recommended to use claymore chip spiral milling cutter, it has two high-capacity chip groove, double edge design, both has the very good chip removal function, and achieve a good balance tool, in processing high density board, not black, no cap smoke, long service life, etc.
3, stone carving machine aluminum plate cutting processing, recommend using single blade special aluminum with milling cutter. Non-stick knife in the processing, speed, high efficiency.
4, stone carving machine below burr-free cutting processing, recommend using single blade and double incised on the cutter.
5, stone carving machine metal sculpture processing, recommend using single blade and double straight flute a sharp knife.
6, stone carving machine 3 d engraving knife, high concentricity, sharp edge, to do precision 3 d carving processing.
7, stone carving machine high density board, wood is recommended to use edge milling cutter.
8, cnc stone router machinelaminated plywood processing, recommend using double straight slot milling cutter.
9, cnc stone router machineprecision small anaglyph processing, recommend using round bottom knives.
10, stone carving machine cork, density board, the original wood, PVC, acrylic large deep anaglyph processing, recommend using single blade helical ball end milling cutter.
11, stone carving machine incised knife, processing product surface without burr, won’t become warped plate processing.
12, stone engraving machine, metal mold machining cutter, it is recommended to use tungsten steel milling cutter, violet black hardened titanium plating surface.
13 acrylic mirror sculpture, stone carving machine processing is recommended to use diamond graver.
14, stone carving machine roughing particieboard is recommended to use more stripes milling cutter.

CNC Stone Router Machine CNC Stone Router Machine Features:

1).This CNC stone carving machine takes 4th axis rotary attachment and can be used for both stone plate and cylindrical products, widely application, low cost and easy operation.
2).Strong machine structure welded by thick square tubes, which goes through strict vibration aging technology to remove internal stress and dust-free sandblasting paint process, long-term use without deformation.
3).Rack pinion transmission for X/Y axis, fast working and high efficiency; high precision ball screw for Z axis with high precision and long life time.
4).Top-rated motors & drivers for the cnc stone carving machine to keep the running more stable and can improve the processing precision.
5).High-speed water cooling spindle which can work perfectly for stone cutting and carving.
6).Dedicated & user-friendly software, eg. Type 3/Artcam/Castmate, etc., which have excellent compatibility with CAD/CAM software.
7).Independently electric control box with perfect wiring and free moving pulleys.

A cnc stone router machine is basically a type of computer automated engraving and carving equipment that can carve shapes as well as create=== calligraphy and artwork on natural stone, ceramics and glass. It is known for its high-tech features that make it easy to come up with highly precise and accurate results. The primary functions of the CNC stone carving router machine include 3D stone carving, stone latter carving, stone line carving, stone shadow carving, stone positive carving, stone hollowing and stone cutting just to name a few. Any business owner having a stone working shop should make use of these machines as they can help in creating high quality end products.

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