What can I do with 3D CNC router?

Application of 3D CNC router

3D CNC router machine has a wide range of applications in multiple industries, such as woodworking, stone engraving, metal engraving, etc. Common applications for 3D CNC router machines include:

Furniture: wooden door, cabinet, office and house wooden furniture, table, chair, doors and windows, with complex engraving design.

3D CNC router  3D CNC router 3D CNC router

Architectural decoration: building frame, architectural column, pillar, column, cylindrical or square leg, art embossing screen, fan window, embossed process gift, etc.

3D CNC router 3D CNC router 3D CNC router

3D statue: wood, stone, acrylic and plaster statue and sculpture.

3D CNC router 3D CNC router 3D CNC router

Mold: Wood, foam and metal molds used in various industries.

3D CNC machine 3D CNC machine 3D CNC machine

Jewelry: Various acrylic, silver, gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewels.

Advertising: Wood sign and letters, acrylic letters and symbols, pvc logos and letters, logo, billboards, nameplates, 3d characters and symbols, stamps, two-color board symbols, two-color 3D human statues, embossed medals, 3D nameplates.

Success 3D CNC machining prompt

3D wood engraving machines can complete accurate 3D CNC processing. But sometimes there will be an error or there is no ideal 3D CNC processing effect. The following is some tips for success 3D CNC processing:

Select the right 3D CNC router and the CNC router bit.

If he wants to do a good job, the staff must first sharpen his tools. Therefore, if you want an excellent 3D CNC processing, you must choose a good 3D CNC machine and the installation of the CNC router bit. For how to choose the right CNC router and CNC machine manufacturer, I mentioned in the previous article. So let’s talk about the CNC router.

Most 3D CNC machining requires at least 2 different CNC routers. The first will be a roughing operation using a considerable diameter bit. Therefore, most of the waste can be removed as quickly as possible. The diameter of the second CNC router bit will determine the smoothness and detail amount generated by the finished product portion. The smaller the diameter, the more details you will see. For extremely complex engraving, I recommend 3D CNC wood engraving machine with automatic tool change function. It can vary very quickly to 8, 10 or more different CNC routers.

Use the appropriate 3D design and programming software.

The quality of the CNC router program is closely related to the quality of the finished product. Today, there are many powerful CADs and CAM software, relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Therefore, be sure to select the correct CNC router software for the 3D CNC processing you are performing.

Common CNC router software includes AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Fusion360, Ug, Vectric Aspire, and more. All such software is good at handling text and can create a 3D relief from 2D images.

Choose a suitable processing strategy

You can choose many machining policies, the best choice depends on your work type and the function of the CNC router software. The processing strategy mainly includes raster strategies, offset, zero or specialized such as forming, V engraving or texture strategies. Almost always, the combination of strategies will provide the best 3D CNC processing results and the shortest cycle time.

3D CNC Router Advantages

Increase the effectiveness of production.

3D CNC engraving machine’s advanced automation machine minimizes people’s interference during processing. Even for complex 3D CNC projects that can only be manually completed, 3D CNC engraving machines can also be completed at high speed.

High precision and repeatability.

3D Wood engraving machines can produce high-precision parts that are tired and tired. The error between the components is tiny and exhibits high repeatability. Therefore, 3D CNC wood routers are widely used in large-scale production.

Simplified work and reduced workload.

Operators will spend a lot of time and effort to do the complex engraving of traditional machines. Now, this can be programmed by 3D wood engraving machine, which simplifies the operator’s work. One operator can run two CNC router machines at the same time, saving labor costs.

Flexible processing.

As long as you have a good 3D CNC machining idea, and you can turn them into drawings, 3D CNC routers can make the 3D parts required for your drawings.

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