CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 6090

What is the CO2 Laser Cutting Machine?

2021 best CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is suitable for small business, home shop, and hobbyists with engraving & cutting of paper, acrylic, wood, rubber, plastic, glass, leather, etc. Now the best laser cutting machine for small business on sale at affordable price.

Looking for the best laser cutter for beginners to start your small shop? Need the best laser cutting machine for commercial use to grow your business? Review 2021 best CO2 laser cutter for small business with cost price within your budget. It can help you to engrave & cut plywood, wood, MDF, bamboo, cardboard, chipboard, fabric, leather, acrylic, plastic, PMMA, paper, ivory, rubber, foam, EPM, PE, PUR, neoprene, carbon fibers, jeans, textile, PVB, PVC, beryllium oxide, PTFE /Teflon, phenolic or epoxy resins.

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine


  1. The linear guide ensures the precise processing effect, which can make delicate and complicated designs on acrylic, wood and PVC and so on for the advertisement and handicraft industries.
  2. Our three unique protection functions, i.e. anti-interference function, water-protective function and power cut off function ensure longer working life, safety and effectiveness.
  3. The machine adopts the strip shape platform, which can bear heavier materials such as organic glass, wood, and so on.
  4. Original Singapore lens with molybdenum base, making the equipment produce smaller facula and stronger cutting force, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing cost.
  5. Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems solve the problem that troubles the laser equipments manufacturing industry for years, extending the life of the laser tube.
  6. The best laser cutting system adopts USB port to transmit data, equipped with large-capacity internal memory, improving working speed and efficiency greatly.
  7. When the laser tube>=100W, advanced water chiller for cooling laser tube, adjust temperature automatically. Besides, it has the function that protect the laser tube from damaging caused by any incidents.
  8. Your can also choose CCD camera for the best laser cutting system to improve the working efficiency.

Product advantages

  1. High processing efficiency, 10 to 15 times that of manual engraving; high precision, low cost and good printing effect;
  2. The optimized design of mechanical structure and the smallest overall size of the whole machine not only save your valuable space, but also the structure is not suitable for deformation, and the cutting precision is high.
  3. Taiwan’s square linear guide rail has a long life.
  4. The use of patented technology makes the rubber plate engraving effect better and not easy to burn.
  5. Genuine laser engraving software, powerful; engraving and cutting can be carried out at the same time;


Applicable materials: Two-color plate, plexiglass, glass, cloth, leather, acrylic, plastic, wood products, paper, rubber, etc.

Applicable industry: Printing, clothing, leather goods, furniture, toys, advertising, decoration, construction, packaging and paper industry, etc.

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