engraving machine

The difference between engraving machine and hand engraving

The engraving machine has changed the traditional engraving method and shortened the time of manual engraving. It has unique advantages in the efficiency of engraving fine products, the consistency of batch products and the engraving of curved products.

hand carving

The advantages of hand carving:
1. The hand-carving technique is flexible, and the details can be modified during the engraving process.
2. Hand carving is easier to use the surface condition of the material and protect the original material.
3. Hand-carving can be carried out at any angle between 0-360 degrees.

engraving machine

The advantages of engraving machine:
1 Less cost input and quick results.
2 The carving time is fast.
3 Solve the labor shortage and save a lot of manpower, material resources and time.
4. The engraving effect of the engraving machine is horizontal and vertical, the depth is consistent, it appears unconventional moment, the texture is smooth and shallow. The lines are smooth and the shapes and levels are more colorful.

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