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What if the DSP handle of the engraving machine does not read the U disk?

The DSP handle is convenient and flexible to use, not easy to be poisoned, and is widely used in advertising engraving machines. It is favored by many customers, but there will inevitably be some problems during use. What if something goes wrong? Today I want to introduce to you.

At present, there are two main control systems for CNC engraving machines on the market: one is Weihong control system, which requires computer control, and the other is DSP system, which is controlled by the handle. Both systems are used in much the same way, but there are some usage differences.

Users of engraving machines who have used handles know that when we need to engrave some products and graphics, we first need to design drawings in engraving software such as Beijing Jingdiao or Wentai, and then generate a path file in NC or Eng format and transfer the file through U plate. Copy them to the engraving machine control system, and then operate the engraving machine for processing.

3 Axis CNC Router for saleSo if we encounter the engraving machine or the handle ∪ of the engraving machine cannot be read?

Next, I will introduce some skills and precautions for using the U disk with the DSP handle of the engraving machine.

It is recommended to format the USB flash drive before first use.

The system is compatible with all FAT16 or FAT32 U disks, but because the running delay parameters of some U disks are too different from ordinary U disks (this is rare), abnormal reading and writing will occur. In this case, please replace with another USB stick.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

It is recommended to use a dedicated U disk

Due to the particularity of the system, the U disk must be fixed and dedicated. USB drives cannot store too many files. It is best not to save any other file types. It is best not to put folders on the U disk, otherwise it may not be able to read and write normally

If the U disk has a virus, it may not be able to read normally.

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What is the storage and storage format of the engraving machine U disk?

Graphics storage on your computer’s hard drive must meet the following two requirements:

When the graphic code is saved to the U disk, the file must be directly saved to the root directory of the U disk, and there can be no folders on the U disk.

File name: The file name cannot be too long, otherwise it will not be displayed completely on the display. Try to use 26 English letters or numbers from 0 to 9 to support the Chinese file name of the built-in font library of the system.

In order to facilitate the operator to change the compensation amount according to the actual cutting situation, it is recommended that the designer save the same drawing in the U disk, and include several possible compensation amounts, which are determined by the last two numbers in the file name.

Advantages of engraving machine:

Low operating expenses:

CNC routers help reduce operating costs, achieve better material yields and faster part cycle times, and eliminate cutting errors and waste of expensive material.

Short delivery time:

CNC routers provide faster cutting cycle times and accurate information. Owners know exactly how many minutes it takes to run a job on the CNC, allowing them to better plan and calculate operating costs.

Better edge handling:

The CNC router precisely follows the geometry of the programmed part. Smooth, uniform motion creates parts and provides a sharp, clean edge finish.

Better material yield:

With CNC parts, they can be nested to maximize material utilization. This reduces material usage, which reduces overhead costs.

More accurate operation:

CNC routers are very repeatable. This precision ensures that part geometry and product fit are perfect for every cut.

Greater flexibility:

The only limit of a CNC engraving machine is the user’s imagination. This new ability to create anything opens up new possibilities for business owners to create products that cannot be made manually.

business development:

Faster cycle times and greater flexibility allow business owners to focus on corporate marketing, daily sales offers and new business growth initiatives.

Faster cycle times:

CNC routers move faster, more consistently, and more accurately. This reduces or eliminates minor double collation. Faster cycle times generate higher profits.

Simplify business processes:

CNC engraving machines can replace traditional product manufacturing methods. Imagine the process of manually cutting a perfect circle for comparison.

Minus employee conflicts:

The method of making parts varies from person to person. With the workflow of a CNC engraving machine, the process becomes more routine. The routine reduces human-to-human interaction and decision-making, avoiding conflict and human error.

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