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Dust proof method for panel furniture production line

When using the panel furniture production line to process woodworking materials, the material will produce a large amount of dust and sawdust, which will not only affect the health of the operator, but also cause problems with the use and life of the panel furniture production line. Share the solutions.

The ATC CNC router machine is equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, can choose 8,10,12 tool magazines to meet processing needs. It can also be equipped with a 9-hole drilling package that can run independently, which is efficient It is stable and does not need to be expanded due to large diameter holes, and can be processed into any non-metallic material hole at one time.

  1. furniture cutting machineCNC Router Nesting MachineFirst of all, we must start with the production equipment and choose reasonable mechanical equipment, which can have a certain dust-proof effect, and dust-removing equipment is also indispensable. When choosing, we must consider the degree of purification, so that it can play a certain role in dust-proofing. effect.
  2. Workers should wear glasses and masks when operating, which can protect the eyes, avoid dust damage, and also play a certain role in dust prevention.
  3. At present, there is no enterprise that installs large-scale dust-proof equipment, but it is possible to install a vacuum cleaner on the machine tool itself, which can also play a very good effect and protect the health of the operators.

The above are some measures to prevent dust in the panel furniture production line. the panel furniture production line equipment has been equipped with dustproof facilities. Friends in need are welcome to visit the Superstar CNC factory and test the machine on site!

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