Portable Laser Marking Machine

IGOLDENCNC Series of Portable Laser Marking Machine

IGOLDENCNC Series of Portable Laser Marking Machine is the industry’s most advanced laser markers and laser engravers available today. Designed to produce permanent and legible markings on a variety of metals and other materials. IGOLDENCNC laser marking systems are highly portable and extremely flexible, allowing you to easily go from job to job and mark nearly any area with incredible speed and accuracy.


The Portable Laser Marking Machine is an incredibly mobile solution to laser marking. This machine provides a quick and easy method of marking large, heavy or  immobile objects. The handheld laser marker is ideal for marking flat metal surfaces and produces a smooth, high-contrast finish.

Portable Laser Marking Machine

The Benefits

Laser mark large and immobile components

Ideal for steel stockholding to safely mark batch numbers, dates and steel grade information

Available on a manipulator for production line integration, with custom clamping options

Produces marks very fast, adding efficiency to your marking process

Range of marking areas available


1.Adopts the USA RF laser generator, high speed scanning vibrating lens and extending focusing system, high precision, high speed.

2.Red light positioning system,ensure accurate positioning,avoid waste.

3.Professional marking software owns strong graphics drawing and editing funcion,enable direct marking of color graphic or marking after color convert from RGB to grey scale.

4.It is popular with it’s high precision, high speed, carving depth of random control. It can be applied to a variety of non-metal engraving. No consumables, Marking clear, not easy to wear and tear.

Applicable industry

Mobile Phone keypad,plastic translucent keys,electronics components,integrated circuits (IC),electrical appliances,communications products,sanitary ware,tools,accessories,knives,eye glasses and clocks,jewelry,auto parts,luggage buckle,cooking itensiles,stainless .steel products and other industries.

Applicable materials

Metal(including rare metals),engineering plastics,electroplating materials,coating material,plastic,rubber,epoxy resin,ceramic,plastic,ABS,PVC,PES,steel,copper and other materials.

CO2 marking machine: Non-metal,fabric,leather,wooden packing,paper packing,acry;ic pipe,PET,plastic,som of the paint layer,ceramics,glass

Fiber marking machine: Ordinary metal,rare metal and alloy,alloy powder,ceramic materials,after surface treatment of metal,oxides,plastics.polymers 3M label paper.

Portable marking machine: This device can print the minium character height is 0.8mm-18mm,suit for cable,auto parts,cosmetics,pharmaceutical and some industries which need micro character in small product.

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