PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine Including Corner Trimming

What is the PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine?

The PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine is a highly automated machine that replaces the manual edge banding procedures (loose, pre-milling, glueing, cutting, flushing, rough trimming, fine trimming, scraping, polishing, grooving, profiling tracking) machine. The edge banding process is a very important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture.

This machine is suitable for straight edge banding of solid wood board, fiberboard, particle board and other plate workpieces. The edge banding materials can be solid wood skin, melamine, PVC, veneer, etc. The machine adopts high-quality motors, imported electrical components, serialized products, diversified customer choices, and features high accuracy and high efficiency.

PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Automatic edge banding machine advantages

  • Adopt imported motor and high quality electrical component.
  • High precision and work efficiency.
  • Automatic and precise gluing procedure as well as integrated double finish.
  • Glue evenly, conveying stability.
  • All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

Feature of the PVC Edge Banding Machine

1.Full-automatic edge banding machine function include glue,head together,rough repair,refine,Scraping edgeand polishing.

2.Have good shape,reasonable layout,has sound arrester,dust collector and overload protection.

3.The main parts of the machine adopt steel plate by laser cutting,one time welded together,the body is firm and undeformed.

4.Can increase or decrease component structure according to actual demand.

PVC Automatic Edge Banding MachinePVC Automatic Edge Banding MachineApplication of this pvc CNC edge banding machine

It is used to cover wood, plywood, particle board or MDF, any materials need edge banding.

It is suitable for straight edge sealing of solid wood board, fiberboard, particleboard and other sheet metal parts. The edge sealing material can be made of solid wood strip, PVC, melamine, thin veneer, etc.

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