1325 CNC Three Process Engraving Machine

Three Process 1325 CNC Router Wood Engraving Machine

The Three Process CNC Router is suitable for a variety of complex product processing or diverse processing, with pneumatic tool changer, with a wide range of functions: engraving, milling, chamfering, side milling, drilling, cutting, slotting, etc. We will free Provide you machine features, application, technical parameters, machine price and other consulting services.

1325 CNC Three Process Engraving Machine

Advantage of the Three heads CNC Router

Three processes 1325 wood engraving machine, X, Y axis adopt rack driving, quick speed, high efficiency, also have the ordinary 1325 machine has all the functions, software compatibility is strong, also can be compatible with TYPE3, ARTCAM, Thai and other drawing software design, and also has the breakpoint continued carving, machining time prediction, the tool path simulation preview function. Can achieve a variety of carving, such as relief, graven images, valuable.such handiwork, plane engraving, cutting.

3 Spindles 4*8 CNC Router Table

Three processes 1325 wood engraving machine (automatic tool changer) and control machine is a simple tool change machine, is also a high cost performance machine, three different tools can one-time loading card, to realize three process simple and easy automatic tool change, namely can achieve the function of machining center is changing tools, and can realize three head sculpture at the same time, greatly improve the machining efficiency. Three processes of 1325 wood engraving machine tool change function USES the many kinds of coordinate system of the knife, coordinate internal compensation, operation more easy and convenient.

Three Process 1325 CNC Router

Scope of application

  1. Woodworking industry: all kinds of door, window, cabinet, craft wood door, wenqi door, screen, process window, wave board processing all kinds of furniture, such as processing of wood art.
  2. The furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, woodworking industry, instrument industry, wooden crafts industry and furniture decoration industry, the industry (coffins and urns).
  3. Suitable for large plate plane engraving, solid wood furniture, solid wood art mural carving, wood carving, density board wenqi door, kitchen Windows carved carving.

Performance characteristics

  1. The bed body thick wall tube welding, for steel structure by the vibration aging treatment, high rigidity, high strength, small deformation, good damping characteristics, stable performance, durable.
  2. The driving part adopts high precision helical, square linear rail, Taiwan imported servo system and Taiwan professional reducer complement each other, smooth operation, low noise.
  3. Equipped with professional vacuum adsorption device, adopts the overall adsorption base, high power vacuum pump.
  4. Efficient work: song, linear speed can be consistent, running speed can reach 30 m/min.
  5. A variety of software compatibility: compatible with Type3 / Artcam/Casmate/Proe/UG/Thai and other CAD/CAM software
  6. Has the breakpoint memory function, can be in power, cutting knife, such as cases, work to continue in time, processing time can be predicted, automatic humanized functions such as against the knife.
  7. High precision automatic knife block, automatic oil supply system, maintenance is simple, operation more convenient.


Functions: Automatic slotting,cutting and engraving, reaming, pushing and tools changing.

Suitable materials: MDF, solid wood, multiply wood, chipboard, particle board and buttcover plate.

Applicable industries: panel furniture, whole house customization, cabinet and doors, tables and chairs, doors and windows.

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