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Engraving machine manufacturer, choose China Shandong Jiabang CNC

In order to choose the engraving machine, we must consider the scale and qualification of the manufacturer when choosing. Since this is very necessary for your future development and assurance. As for the choice of the engraving machine manufacturer, it is necessary to pass the actual inspection before deciding whether to buy it or not.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router MachinFor the choice of engraving machine manufacturers, it is still necessary to go to larger manufacturers to choose. For some small-scale manufacturers, don’t try it because the price is cheap. If you choose a small manufacturer because of the cheap price, the quality of the machinery and equipment will definitely not be guaranteed, and the after-sales service may not be guaranteed either. Therefore, when choosing, it is still necessary to choose a manufacturer with a relatively complete management system, so that the after-sales service and product quality are guaranteed, and there is no worries.

Therefore, we must first have a general understanding of the current market, from which we can know which manufacturers in the market are doing better and which are trustworthy. In general, it is still necessary to make more efforts in this selection, so that a satisfactory manufacturer can be selected, and the product quality of the equipment can be assured.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin

The use of engraving machine

The operation of the engraving machine also requires knowledge, and everyone knows how to start it simply. It is nothing more than a simple switch on and off, just move your finger. However, it is necessary to understand the action and function of each part of the engraving machine, so that the engraving machine can be used more efficiently, thereby saving costs and maximizing efficiency. Let’s follow the engraving machine manufacturer to see some of the work that needs to be done before using it.


Regularly check and kill viruses, but be careful not to turn on the anti-virus level when working, so as not to interfere with the work. In order to prevent dust from the box, it is necessary to clean up, and pay attention to the heat dissipation of the box. Note that too much dust on the industrial control card can cause errors. Defragment the disk frequently to optimize the computer system.

Clean up

Cleaning of equipment is also important because cleaning can reduce dust and keep machinery and equipment working properly. Dust is the biggest killer of circuit boards. The lead screw should be cleaned regularly to prevent impurities from adhering and affecting the normal operation and use of the lead screw.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin


After refueling, let the machine move back and forth slowly to ensure that the lubricating oil can be added to the guide rail and screw rod evenly. If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be filled with oil to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system. This not only makes the machine more flexible in use, but also prevents the machine from rusting.


When shutting down, if the room temperature is low, it is best to pour out the water in the water tank to prevent the water tank and water pipes from freezing and cracking. Make sure the temperature in the workshop is better for the machine.

Cooling water

Antifreeze can be used for cooling. Pay attention to the surrounding temperature, and be careful of freezing cracks in the sink and water pipes due to the low temperature of the water. The amount of cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the spindle motor. If the cooling water is too dirty, it will cause serious damage to the motor, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. Please pay attention to the water level, and never let the water-cooled spindle motor lack water, so that the motor cannot be discharged in time.

The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to before and after using the engraving machine. When choosing the engraving machine manufacturer, it should also be selected according to the production equipment and quality.

As a CNC equipment manufacturer, Jiabang CNC has established a professional design and R&D team, and has successively developed woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machines, foam engraving machines, CNC cutting machines, CNC drilling machines, and disc tool changing machining centers. , plasma cutting machine, laser engraving machine, metal laser cutting machine, hand-held laser cleaning machine, laser welding machine CNC equipment products, in order to meet the needs of the market and customers, Jiabang CNC R & D center has developed a market competitive advantage and strong The cost-effective laser side punching machine and the automatic production line of cabinet doors and cabinets reduce the labor cost of enterprises and improve the overall processing efficiency and production capacity.

Our company’s products have been used in the advertising industry, woodworking industry, panel furniture industry, plastic door industry, whole house customization, craft gifts, architectural models, electronics, CAD/CAM industrial mold industry, decoration, clothing, packaging, printing, printing and dyeing , seal and other industries, has been praised and recognized by all sectors of society and customers. With the continuous development and maturity of Jiabang CNC in the numerical control field, the automatic numerical control equipment of Jiabang CNC not only helps the development of my country’s furniture industry, but also is exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States and other regions, and the product quality has been favored by foreign friends. great!

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