CNC foam engraving machine

Foam engraving machine – the advantage of Styrofoam machining center

As each engraving machine is sent to the customer’s workshop, more and more people see business opportunities. Recently, many customers have come to the company to understand and sign the purchase contract of foam engraving machine. One of the customers even ordered 3 units within half a year. Foam engraving machine. Foam engraving machine, as the name suggests, is a engraving machine for processing foam, so what can foam do? Next, let’s learn more about the foam engraving machine with the editor!

CNC foam engraving machineWhat can a foam model do?

It can be used directly as a finished product: for example: stage art model, three-dimensional advertising model, exhibition display model props, film and television props, decorations such as weddings, large-scale events, festivals, etc., and so on, it can be used after post-processing such as post-painting and beautification;

It can be used as a sample draft: when Party A requires to see the sample draft first, and then sign the project contract after finalizing it, the advantage is obvious;

Can replace clay sculpture: used as stainless steel, copper sculpture, glass fiber reinforced plastic mold, easy to reproduce and weld;

Features of Foam Sculpture

Foam sculpture products have the characteristics of light weight, low price, short production cycle, strong operability and convenience. In addition, the cut foam particles can be recycled and reused;

Compared with other materials, the biggest advantage of foam compared with most other materials for making models is that it is easy to cut, and it is used to make models at a fast speed. It is a good idea to quickly conceive of design, plan deliberation, and use foam to make models. choose;

4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving Machine

Why use an engraving machine for foam models?

Uniform allowance, one-time molding

Lower cost, higher efficiency, uniform allowance, one-time molding, better overall appearance and higher precision;

The digital model is permanently saved

The digital model is permanently saved, can be enlarged and reduced, and used multiple times;

Mass production and increased profitability

The advantages of Styrofoam machining center

Polylong machining centers are widely used in the production of various models, such as foam molds, car molds, train car molds, aviation molds, paraffin molds, etc. It is suitable for 3D milling, special-shaped cutting, drilling, chamfering, etc. It belongs to light cutting CNC machine tools.

4-axis CNC machining center, the main shaft can be rotated 180°, 8 in-line tool changers can be selected to meet the needs of different processing technologies, full-scale 3D engraving and surface processing, also known as foam CNC milling machine, mold CNC Engraving machine, EPS CNC engraving machine.

The innovative models designed by Jiabang CNC combine a set of competitive configurations to provide a variety of foam EPS woodworking CNC milling machines at a low price. Multiple configurations can meet different needs and are ideal for a variety of foam and mold milling. Planer. Popular apps include:

Carving of various non-metallic materials, such as foam plastic, foam lost foam, automobile foam plastic mold, yacht mold, large ship wood mold, wood casting mold, engineering plastics, aviation wood mold, propeller, train wood mold, etc.

Automotive stamping dies, casting wooden molds, automotive interiors, foam processing of engineering plastic materials;

Other industry molds: electrical molds, lighting molds, ceramic sanitary ware, three-dimensional curved surfaces of large musical instruments, musical instrument molds, household appliance molds, air conditioner molds, auto molds, auto interior molds, car bumper molds, car dashboard molds, etc.

Styrofoam machining center is very popular with foam, wood, aluminum mold manufacturers, which can perform bending engraving processing by swinging the spindle, suitable for molding industry, foam molding industry, advertising industry, woodworking industry, craft gifts, Architectural models, electronics, CAD/CAM industrial molds and other 3D engravings.

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