1325 CNC Three Process Engraving Machine

3 Spindles 4×8 CNC Router for Sale

What is the 3 Spindles 4x8 CNC Router?

The 3 Spindles 4×8 CNC Router is suitable for a variety of complex product processing or diverse processing, with pneumatic tool changer, with a wide range of functions: engraving, milling, chamfering, side milling, drilling, cutting, slotting, etc. We will free Provide you machine features, application, technical parameters, machine price and other consulting services.

1325 CNC Three Process Engraving Machine

What is the 4×8 CNC Router?

4*8ft three processes cnc router with three 6.0kw air cooling spindle, it can achieve the function of the ATC CNC router without high purchase cost. Suitable for multi-process processing, Now this machine with an affordable cost.

4×8 cnc router named as Multi processes cnc router, three heads cnc router, easy type ATC cnc router. this Three spindles cnc router table size 1300*2500mm, mainly use for 2d 3d projects carving and cutting, So three spinldles 4×8 cnc router suitable for processing multiple processes.

Features of the 3 Spindles 4x8 CNC Router Machine

With 3 pcs China HQD 6.0kw air cooling spindle, and the working speed can reach to 24000RPM/minutes.

Three spindles can complete three processes at a time, such as cutting, milling, carving, driling etc, which can improve efficiency more economic than ATC cnc router.

Heavy-duty bed, high temperature aging treatment,then can ensures accuracy for long time.

Automatic tool sensor, save time and increase efficiency.

Automatic dust suction device, automatic pushing, automatic feeding assistance.

4×8 cnc router table adopt vacuum adsorption table, with 5.5kw vacuum pump for working.

Options of 4*8 CNC router table

Spindle Optioned

6kw air-cooled spindle is used for cutting and drilling.

4.5kw air-cooled spindle is used for slotting, carving and processing the wooden door.

iGOLDENCNC will suggest different configuration to meet different requirements.

Worktable Optioned

Aluminium profile worktable: three-axis router machine standard table, manual clamping plate, the most economical;

Vacuum adsorption worktable: equipped with 7.5kW vacuum pump adsorption, effectively improve machining accuracy and efficiency;

Both vacuum adsorption and T-slot worktable: the cost is higher, but the big board, the small board, the thin plate, the thick plate can realize the effective fixed and the high precision processing.

Application of the 3 Spindles 4x8 CNC Router Machine

1.Wooden door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite doors plate, windows, cabinet doors, large-area plate plane cutting, solid wood carving boring and milling, panel furniture carving, antique mahogany carving, solid wood art mural carving and other industries.

2.Wood crafts processing: such as watch frames, craft photo frames, calligraphy plaques, TV countertops, sporting goods equipment,

3.Thin aluminum plate, copper metal boring and milling.

1325 CNC Three Process Engraving MachineThree Process 1325 CNC Router

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