CO2 Laser Engraving Machine 1325

Acrylic Wood Leather Laser Cutting Machine With High Speed

Leather is an exceptionally popular material to laser engrave and cut for a variety of reasons. Raw leather sheets and premade leather products are relatively affordable, extremely durable, and have a high perceived value, especially when they are personalized for a customer with a laser. Combining an IGOLDENCNC and this versatile substrate can open the door to many profitable applic  ations and opportunities, from fashion accessories to promotional products and everything in between.

Leather Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutting machineLeather Laser Cutting Machine Features:

High stability laser tube, imported lens and mirror, long life-span.
The up-down work table design satisfies the customers need of engraving thick materials.
Adopt advanced DSP digital control system, international standard laser power supply, integrated framework style ,usb2.0 interface output can support off-line working.
Strong software function, compitable with Coreldraw, Autocad and so on.
Auto focus system, water pump, air pump and rotary attachment are optional.

How Does Laser Cutting Leather Work?

Leather laser cutting machine use compressed carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium gases to produce a high-energy light that is a CO2 laser. It passes through the laser head, which contains a focal lens that concentrates the laser beam into a focused point. The machine then moves the laser head to trace the pattern or design that’s preprogrammed into its computing software. Essentially, the laser etches designs on leather by cleanly burning through its surface. This must be done with precision so your customers immediately notice the quality of the products you’re sending out to them.

With IGOLDENCNC machines, you can adjust the intensity or depth the laser will engrave on the leather but with more precision than an engraver could do by hand. You can create line patterns, customized drawings and high-precision cuts at rapid speeds without having to sacrifice quality. Truly, laser engraving is a must for businesses that wish to expand their services or product line to include customized leather products.

Whether you’re looking for a machine that can handle a single task at a time or one that can keep up with the demands of large orders, we have the right machine for you. IGOLDENCNC is ready to help you find the cutting, engraving or etching machine that’s best suited to your tasks so you can focus on the creative side of the matter and start to build your following throughout the United States or even the world.

1325 CO2 Laser Engraver Machine

With an leather laser cutting machine, you can quickly refine materials made of natural leather, buckskin or suede in a high quality. Whether it’s purses, briefcases, jewelry or shoes – laser technology offers you many creative areas of application in leather processing. Inexpensive yet elegant personalization, branding of logos or delicately cut details enhance leather products and create added value. Each piece can be produced inexpensively, either individually or in large batches.

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