fiber laser marking machine

Laser coding machine_Principle of laser coding machine

Analyze the working principle and advantages of laser coders? The working principle of the laser marking machine is to focus the laser on the surface of the marked object with a very high energy density, vaporize the material on the surface by burning and etching, and control the effective displacement of the laser beam, so as to accurately engrave patterns or words. .

fiber laser marking machineLaser coding machine

In the past ten years, human’s understanding of environmental protection and the efficient use of resources has reached an unprecedented height. It has become the consensus of developed countries and most developing countries, including China, to eliminate outdated equipment and production processes that cause environmental pollution and waste of resources to the maximum extent.

Because “dot matrix ink coding machine” has four insurmountable problems: high pollution, high consumables, high failure, and high maintenance, especially the chemical pollution generated during use, which will cause harm to the environment and operators. Therefore, some developed countries have identified it as equipment that needs to be replaced and eliminated since the 1990s.

laser marking machine

Advantages of laser coders

  1. It has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, good quality and small deformation, which greatly improves the appearance and brand effect of the product;
  2. Wide range of applications, almost any material can be engraved, marked and sprayed;
  3. No need to open molds, computer editing, easy to deform, not limited by output, greatly shorten the development cycle of new products and reduce development costs;
  4. Easy to use, any employee can learn the normal operation process of laser machine equipment in a short time;
  5. Protect the environment, do not produce any products that are unfavorable to the environment, and further create profit value on the basis of environmental protection;
  6. It can mark surfaces of various materials and shapes without causing unstable operation.

fiber laser marking machine

To sum up, “laser coding machine” fills the gap of my country’s online laser marking equipment, shortens the gap between my country and developed countries in this field, and creates a laser technology for marking inkjet equipment on production lines in my country without stopping. new application areas.

At the same time, with its excellent quality and excellent cost performance, it will surely occupy the domestic market in a short period of time, replace imported products, and then enter the international market. The product has great socioeconomic significance.

laser marking machine

How to maintain the laser coding machine?

How to maintain the laser coding machine? The maintenance content of equipment generally includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular mechanical inspection and precision inspection. Maintenance of equipment lubrication and cooling systems is also an important part of equipment maintenance. Routine maintenance of equipment Cleaning machine is the basic work of equipment maintenance, which must be institutionalized and standardized.

Regular maintenance of equipment, formulate work quotas and material consumption quotas, enrich mechanical equipment, and conduct assessments according to the quotas. The regular maintenance of equipment should be included in the assessment of the workshop contract responsibility system. Regular inspection of equipment is a planned preventive inspection in the machinery industry. In addition to the human senses, the inspection method must also have certain inspection tools and instruments, which are checked according to the regular inspection card.

The accuracy of the mechanical equipment should also be checked to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment. Equipment maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the maintenance machinery regulations. Equipment maintenance procedures are the requirements and regulations for the daily maintenance of equipment. Adhering to equipment maintenance procedures can prolong the service life of equipment and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. Its main contents should include:

Equipment should be neat, clean, sturdy, lubricated, anti-corrosion, safe, etc. Operation content, operation method, use of tools and materials, standards and precautions;

Daily inspection and maintenance of Sunshine Machinery, regular inspection locations, methods and standards;

Inspect and evaluate the maintenance content and methods of equipment, glass machinery, etc. by operators.

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