woodworking engraving machine

Four-process CNC cutting machine Automatic multi-process cutting machine

The four-process CNC cutting machine produced by Jiabang CNC is an economical, multi-functional and integrated CNC engraving machine. Panel furniture production has four spindles, and four spindles can realize four spindles in spindle production. Two spindles are dedicated for slotting and blanking, and the other two are dedicated for opening, so that the holes in the production of panel furniture can be processed. The four-process cutting machine can be used for the production of cabinet doors, and the four spindles can be used for doors. When four axes or less are required, pneumatic variable tool machining can be performed, especially when one spindle is used, the other spindle can still work without delaying the processing production, so the four-process CNC cutting machine can gradually become used by manufacturers, The overall cost performance is very high.

woodworking engraving machineThe four-process CNC cutting machine is an economical multi-function CNC equipment. The four-process CNC cutting machine has four spindles. When producing panel furniture, all four spindles can realize punching processing, two of which are dedicated to slotting and blanking, and the other two are dedicated to punching. Multiple spindle motors work at the same time, which can complete the processing of large quantities of products. Advanced automatic tool change program, without manual intervention, the program is automatically executed. The vacuum adsorption table with international leading technology is equipped with a vacuum pump with strong adsorption force. The six-zone design can strongly adsorb materials in different areas, greatly improving work efficiency.

woodworking engraving machine

Four-process CNC cutting machine Automatic multi-process cutting machine

Standard 2 6.0kw+2 4.5kw air-cooled high-speed electric spindles, built-in fan cooling, high-temperature grease lubrication, the body is made of high-quality stainless steel, imported ceramic ball bearings with dust cover, precision grinding, high-precision chuck and Balance nut. The four processes work continuously, and the processing requirements are completed at one time. Double-layer sealing and air-tight structure, better dustproof effect, low noise, smooth body, not easy to rust, high rotation precision. Long bearing life, high speed and low speed, stable operation, no chips during processing, high spindle accuracy, maintenance-free, and 200% increase in work efficiency.

The function of the four-process CNC cutting machine:

The four processes of engraving, six-sided drilling, cutting, front edge and milling can be switched without interrupting the process to realize automation.

Intelligent control system, user-friendly control interface design, simple operation, simple operator training, no need for technicians, fast and fast machine movements, helping you achieve a leap in productivity.

High-power air-cooled spindle, full servo drive system, original electrical components and other components, with stable performance.

The surface is a vacuum adsorption surface, which can strongly adsorb materials in different areas. There is no displacement in the processing of small plates, the processing surface is smooth, and the size of the plate is accurate.

The linear guide has high precision, long service life, large contact surface and strong bearing capacity. Vertical rail technology can better ensure the stability of operation.

Reinforced thick long door, the steel plate is precisely cut and shavings, plus welding, equal to the secondary tempering treatment, to ensure long-term durability, long-term, cnc six times deformation.

The integral cast iron side plate is tempered at high temperature to prevent deformation of the side plate and affect the accuracy of the y-axis.

Applicable industries of the four-process CNC cutting machine:

Panel furniture, cabinets, office furniture, custom furniture, cabinets, cabinets, computer desks, panel furniture, office furniture, solid wood speakers, solid wood kitchen furniture and other panel furniture flat cutting, milling, back, punching, carving and other auxiliary processing. Now many panel furniture manufacturers are confused when purchasing a four-process CNC cutting machine. Some are learned from friends, some are from the reputation of CNC machine tool manufacturers, and some are based on comparison of machine tool configurations.

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