CNC Plywood Machine Cut for Plywood Furniture

One of main plywood applications is furniture-making . furniture plywood are used in manufacturing furniture, cabinets, interior decoration, vehicles, closets, kitchens, architectural applications, doors, etc.

Do you have an idea to custom furniture making plans, projects, and ideas with panel furniture production line.We can supply not only cnc plywood furniture making machine, but also CNC Cut Plywood machine and Parts for furniture making.Do you have an idea to custom furniture making plans, projects, and ideas with panel furniture production line.

Sliding table panel saw cut plywood

The IGC-PS Sliding Table Saw is the ideal panel cutting solution for kitchen cabinet shops, millwork companies, and furniture shops who need a precision saw but have limited floorspace. The IGC-PS combines a heavy-duty construction with cast iron main table, cast iron saw carriage, and precision sliding table resulting in precise panel sizing with high accuracy and repeatability time after time. The double roller sliding table runs effortlessly and smoothly and the crosscut miter fence can be easily and accurately adjusted for optimum results.

45 degree panel saw and 90 degree panel saw

1.90 degree panel saw can only cut 90 degree right angle.

2.45 degree panel saw blade can be tilted, not only can cut right angle but also can effectively cut 0-45° sheet, used for solid wood furniture, panel furniture, and other manufacturers.

The sliding table is user friendly design with locking system in all position and an adjustable crosscut fence, capable of supporting large panels. The rip fence runs on a round hardened rail and is manually adjusted up to 1300mm. Equipped with a extendable crosscut miter fence and flip stops.

This table saw is mainly used for longitudinal sectioning, cross-section or angled sawing of plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, veneer, laminated board, blackboard, spliced solid wood board and plastic board to obtain a board that meets the specifications. They are easy to operate, stable and safe. It is an indispensable machine for mass production, standardization, mechanization and specialization of furniture.

Sliding Table Saw For Cutting Wood panels Features:

  1. The machine tool is composed of a bed, a mobile worktable, a mobile worktable attached support, a fixed worktable, a main saw, a secondary saw, a transmission lifting mechanism, and a horizontal and vertical guide plate.
  2. The machine tool guide rail is made of aluminum alloy linear guide rail, which is oxidized and has super high wear resistance and no deformation. To ensure that the machine tool can work accurately for a long time, the inclination angle of the main saw blade and the auxiliary saw blade is visually displayed by the precision angle meter, and the operation is very convenient.
  3. This machine tool can cut and process all kinds of solid wood panels, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels, organic glass and other wood structures, and panels with similar hardness. It is one of the necessary equipment for the production of furniture, decoration and other industries.

Panel Saw Machine

The electronic cutting saw has a wide range of uses. Because of its high rotation speed, the electronic cutting saw can be widely used in: precision casting of furniture factories, electrical appliances factories, garment factories, toy factories, hardware factories, etc.Computer beam saw is a computer-controlled and intelligent wooden panel cutting machinery. It can cut multiple layers of wooden panels with the thickness up to 100mm at the same time with high efficiency and excellent accuracy.

Wood Panel Computer Beam Saw Features:

  1. According to the input plate width, cut the required plate and quickly return to the original working state.
  2. Cutting speed is controlled by frequency converter, which can overcome plates of different thickness and different materials.
  3. The feeding adopts pneumatic floating bead table, and the heavy plate material is easy to change. The robot automatically feeds, has low labor intensity and high production efficiency.
  4. Use imported Delta servo motor to eliminate artificial error and improve dimensional accuracy.

The guide rail of the movable worktable is made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy material, with high strength, no deformation, chrome-plated round bar structure, high positioning accuracy, and oxidation treatment on the surface of the worktable, which is beautiful and wear-resistant. The table saw can be applied to density boards, polished boards, wood-based boards, solid wood boards, ABS boards, PVC boards, etc. Cutting of plates.

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