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Which brand of CNC woodworking engraving machine is good?

Wood processing project

Mainly used for processing all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets and other furniture decoration. In fact, CNC woodworking engraving machine can not only process wood, but also other metals such as plastic, acrylic, aluminum and copper. Widely used in musical instrument industry, advertising industry, decoration industry, architectural model industry. In addition, it can be used for engraving, panel furniture, engraving, solid wood and milling. Here are which industries need CNC woodworking engraving machines.


In the woodworking industry, engraving cabinet doors is one of the most popular applications for CNC woodworking engraving machines. Wooden cabinet manufacturers buy CNC woodworking engraving machines, which are usually used for mass production to reduce costs and increase production. In addition, if equipped with multiple spindles, CNC wood planers can also process simultaneously, saving time. At the same time, various tools can be used to process cabinet doors, drawers, dining tables, etc.

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The advantage of CNC woodworking engraving machine is that it not only saves production time, but also is no longer limited to mold plane engraving. CNC woodworking engraving machine is equipped with rotating shaft, intelligent software and computer software to design digital curve model. The software supports 3D format, which can be modified on the computer according to the processing requirements of different customers. In our lives, some Roman columns and columns in parks and office buildings are treated this way.


CNC woodworking engraving machine is a highly intelligent and automated machine tool, rather than a traditional machine tool. As a result, users can handle different sculpting curve parameters that need to be designed to handle products such as chairs, sofa legs, and stair railings. CNC woodworking engraving machine is more innovative and intelligent, which can meet the customized needs of customers and produce personalized products.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

Musical instrument production and processing industry

CNC woodworking engraving machines are now slowly being applied to the musical instrument processing industry. A wood engraving machine equipped with a rotating shaft becomes a 3D engraving machine. You can operate the machine to carve the three-dimensional surface of the instrument and complete the engraving of the pattern shape. This machine can choose high-quality brands, and the surface of the processed samples is smooth and delicate. Today, more and more manufacturers use CNC wood engraving machines to produce shell panels for guitars, cellos, and violins.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

Wood processing industry

CNC woodworking engraving machine can also be used for handicraft processing, such as craft photo frames, toy models, sporting goods, etc.



Because CNC woodworking engraving machine can be used to cut acrylic panels, aluminum-plastic panels, decorative materials and MDF, etc. They are also widely used in the advertising industry today, such as human-shaped signs, light signs, billboards, etc. Users can design their own personalized patterns. In addition, CNC woodworking engraving machine can also be used in the EVA processing industry to cut and engrave EVA materials such as EVA materials, EPS, foam materials, such as EVA material packaging tools, express packaging foam, medical packaging, electronic products, etc.


Advantages of CNC woodworking engraving machine:

  1. The high-strength integral casting bed, combined with the T-shaped structure aluminum profile table, is sturdy and durable, and the workpiece can be fixed arbitrarily, and it will not be deformed for many years.
  2. The use of the breaking point memory method ensures that it can be processed in an accident (broken tool) or the next day.
  3. Adopt Taiwan original linear square rail, double-row and four-row ball sliding block, with large bearing capacity, stable operation and 10 times higher precision than ordinary rails.

The woodworking engraving machine can be programmed by itself, and can directly edit some simple programs to test the performance of the equipment, and can also be transferred to advanced users for special needs.

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