4 Heads Wood CNC Router Machine

Four process CNC engraving machine professional customization

The four-process CNC engraving machine is equipped with four spindles, and the tool is changed by changing the spindle. Specifically designed to meet the needs of professional cabinet making and furniture construction. The four-process CNC engraving machine has a fast frame with servo motors and drives. It adopts high-performance CNC controller and adopts SYNTEC control system. The whole four-process CNC engraving machine is welded by thickened steel structure, which has good stability and is not easy to deform. The four-process CNC engraving machine can handle any type of material freely using the frame.

4 Heads Wood CNC Router MachineFour-process CNC engraving machine is one of the most popular CNC woodworking engraving machines among panel furniture manufacturers. The CNC engraving machine is equipped with four spindles, which can complete four different processes at one time without manual tool change. It also has a feed assist roller for easy panel loading. The CNC engraving machine table is 1300×2500mm, suitable for making woodworking furniture such as cabinets, cabinets, cabinets, doors and so on.

A multi-process or multi-process CNC engraving machine can be regarded as a simple ATC CNC engraving machine. Because they can realize high-speed automatic processing. But the multi-process CNC woodworking engraving machine can only carry tools with the same number as the spindle. While ATC CNC wood engraving machines have linear or disc cutter boxes that can hold 8 to 16 knives.

Multi-process CNC engraving machine is widely used in panel furniture industry. It can cut, drill, engrave and slot boards of various sizes:

Cabinets, Cabinet Doors, Doors, Shelves, Bookshelves, Cabinets, Wardrobes, Vintage Cabinets, Office Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Desks, etc.

4 Spindle CNC Router MachineAdvantages of four-process CNC engraving machine

Why design a four-process CNC engraving machine? While doing sample work, we may need more than 3 different tools for different projects. Pneumatic four-process CNC engraving machine reduces machining and tool setting time.

Intelligent control syntec control system or mach3 handle control, can continue to work after power failure. Through the precise control of the numerical control system, the power is restored and the breakpoint is restored.

The four-process CNC engraving machine is an economical alternative to ATC for furniture factories on a budget. Why pay extra for 8 or 10 tools when you typically use 3 or less per item. The four-process CNC engraving machine can automatically replace the cylinder, which is an economical choice for a fully automatic CNC engraving machine.

The engraving speed is higher than that of the three-process CNC engraving machine.

Application of four-process CNC engraving machine

Four-process CNC engraving machine can be used for large area MDF and solid wood panels, engraving, hollowing out, cutting, 3D relief engraving, panel furniture, custom furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, wooden cabinet wardrobes, cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, MDF wooden doors , craft wooden doors, painted tables, bedside tables, shoe cabinets, bookcases, entry cabinets, display cabinets, medical cabinets, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen cabinets, screens and craft windows.

Mold making: wood, plaster, foam, wax.

Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, panel furniture, office and home furniture, tables and chairs, doors and windows.

Woodworking: speakers, game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machine desks, instrumentation.

Sheet processing: insulating components, plastic chemical compositions, PCBs, automotive interiors, bowling balls, stairs, anti-static boards, epoxy resins, ABS, PP, PE and other mixed carbon compounds.

Decoration: wood, acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic, aluminum, copper, brass and other soft metals.

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