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Laser Paint Stripping Machine for Sale

Laser cleaning method is a good method for laser paint removal for pre -repainting process, pre-welding process. In the laser cleaner model, there are handheld laser cleaning machine, portable laser cleaning machine, pulse laser cleaning machine. In different power, there are 100w laser cleaning machine, 200w laser rust removal, 300w laser paint stripping machine, 500w laser cleaner and so on, most of them are pulse laser cleaning model. Besides this, we also have continuous laser cleaning machine with 1000w handheld laser paint removal machine, 1500w / 2000w fiber laser cleaning machine and so on. If you want the laser cleaning machine price, welcome contract us, we would like to supply the most affordable laser cleaner with least cost.It is with a very compact portable and handheld design which is easy to move from one place to another one. Laser paint stripping machine is widely used in industries that require high precision like zero harm to the material while removing rust, paint, oil, film, and coating from the surface.

Laser paint removal or ablation is a process during which functional layers are selectively removed from a surface using laser radiation (usually pulsed).

The absorbing material is heated by laser energy and evaporates or sublimates. The transparent material is ablated in its solid state. Geometrically defined sections are made accessible for subsequent processes (welding, bonding, screwing, sintering, contacting, etc.).

The laser radiation hits the workpiece surface.

The laser radiation heats the material.

The coating is removed by abrupt evaporation, sublimation or ablation.

The process products are removed using suction.

Applicable materials and industries:

Rust ,Paint ,coating removal Welding/Coating surface pre-treatment. Derusting and decoating of construction and engineering machinery Oil field equipment cleaning and maintenance

Laser Paint Removal & Laser Paint Stripping

Laser ablation works by sending nanosecond laser pulses into a surface, creating shockwaves that eject contaminants or turn them into gas. Laser cleaning can effectively clean the target surface without harming any substrate layers or surrounding material. We’ll help you find and calibrate the cleaning laser in order to optimize it to your cleaning needs.

laser rust removal machine for sale

Laser Paint Stripping (laser rust removal )enables you to effortlessly get rid of the toughest rust, dust, oxides, oil and other contaminations as well as paint coatings from metal, plastic, wood,ceramics, glass, stone or concrete. Laser cleaner also called laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser dust removal, laser Cleaning is an innovative technology for surface treatment of metals, rubber, plastic, glass, oils, wood and much more. The laser cleaning machine uses a laser beam at the surface of the material to break down the layer of rust or paint, it is a contactless method that only breaks down the layer without causing any harm to the material itself.

How to choose a suitable laser cleaner?

The hand-held laser cleaning machine uses a high frequency and high-energy laser pulse irradiation workpiece, so that the ground oil, rust or coating is immediately evaporated or peeled off, effectively remove the surface of the cleaning object or the surface coating at high speed to achieve the cleaning of the object. Production process. It is characterized by not damage to the component matrix, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection.

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