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Everyone who is engaged in panel furniture, cabinet and wardrobe customization knows that there are more holes when processing cabinets, so how to cut and punch cabinets better and more efficiently requires customers and friends to choose a suitable CNC cutting machine. At present, the commonly used CNC cutting machines mainly include two-axis drilling machines, four-process CNC cutting machines, and disc tool changing woodworking processing centers.

CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling

Although the above three types of CNC cutting machines are widely used and can realize the cutting and punching of plates, there are still some differences in the scope and performance of some processed plates. Moreover, if the choice is not right, it will not only cost money, but also increase production efficiency. Many friends who are mainly engaged in cabinet and wardrobe processing will ask which CNC cutting machine is more cost-effective, so today the CNC cutting machine company will share with you.

If it is cabinet processing, it is more suitable to choose a tool with dual spindles and row drilling. Take the dual-spindle plus row drill set smart tool as an example, it uses two 6kw air-cooled spindles and a 5+4 nine-hole vertical drill package. The two spindles are respectively responsible for grooving, 5+4 nine-hole vertical drilling to realize fast drilling function, automatic switching during processing, high speed, high precision. Since the cabinet processing requires porous blanking, it is difficult to achieve one-time porous blanking with four ordinary knives, so it needs to be processed in layers, and the efficiency is much lower. The CNC cutting machine adopts double spindles and row drilling bags, which are arranged in four vertical and five horizontal rows, which can drill holes of different values. The stamping precision is higher and the efficiency is higher.

CNC Nesting Machine with Drilling

Disc type tool change machining center plus row drill

In addition, the dual-spindle and drilling NC cutting machine cooperates with the special design and splitting software to realize the rapid design and splitting and intelligent layout of customized wardrobe cabinets. Raw material inventory for early warning to achieve zero waste standards. It can be said to be economical, efficient and more cost-effective.

When using the panel furniture production line to process woodworking materials, the material will generate a lot of dust and wood chips, which will not only affect the health of the operators, but also cause problems to the service life and life of the panel furniture production line.

What solutions are you sharing?

It is necessary to start with production equipment and choose reasonable mechanical equipment, so that there will be a certain dustproof effect. Dust removal equipment is also essential. The degree of purification should be considered when choosing, so that it can play a certain role in dust prevention.

Workers should wear glasses and masks when operating, which can protect eyes, avoid dust, and play a certain role in dust prevention.

At present, no enterprises have installed large-scale dust-proof equipment, but a vacuum cleaner can be installed on the machine tool itself, which can also achieve good results and protect the health of operators.

These are some measures to prevent dust in panel furniture production lines. The equipment on the panel furniture production line is equipped with dustproof facilities. Welcome friends in need to visit the factory and try the machine on site!

Recommended equipment: disc tool changer machining center + row drill


Optimized cutting, punching, grooving, and perfect combination, the process is uninterrupted, to maximize the efficiency and output, and the strong compatibility can be seamlessly connected with a variety of order dismantling software;

Adopting modular design, you can choose three modular units: single spindle + CNC drilling package, dual spindle + CNC drilling package, automatic tool change spindle of disc tool magazine + CNC drilling package;

Adopt 200×250 thick-walled square tube bracket structure, engineering aesthetic appearance design structure, tempering or vibration vector effect treatment, imported pentahedron metal processing center for high-precision milling;

It adopts side-mounted type, 3 flange sliders on one side design structure, stable operation, full dust-proof design structure of rack guide rail, guide rail adopts segmented structure, and the replacement of guide rail does not require professionals, which is more convenient;

Numerical control system, stable performance, simple operation, ordinary people can complete the operation after simple training without professional knowledge;

The double-layer hollow vacuum adsorption table is adopted, which can adsorb plates of different sizes, and the minimum opening plate can reach 25mm.

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