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Necessary maintenance of CNC router engraving machine

There will be many problems during the use of the CNC router engraving machine, which may be the problem of the accessories of the CNC router engraving machine  itself, or it may be the problem during the operation. CNC router engraving machine oil is often neglected by customers, which seriously affects the operation of the engraving machine. Here are some suggestions on the maintenance of the engraving machine proposed by Superstar CNC.

5 Axis Atc CNC RouterTraditional problems of CNC router engraving machine oil:

  1. An CNC router engraving machine that has never been maintained. The guide rail slider is severely corroded, the machine speed is slow, and the machine life is short. There will be mechanical failures such as Z-axis jamming, large diagonal error, bad angle, driver failure, reducer damage, and slider burst.
  2. CNC router engraving machine with incorrect oil. If you use butter, machine oil, sewing machine oil and other greases, the viscosity of the butter is too large, which is not beneficial to the machine; if the viscosity of the sewing machine oil is too small, the machine will become astringent and harmful; the most common is to use machine oil. Absorb dirt.
  3. Use engine oil for a long time. There will be a layer of yellow sludge on the surface of the guide rail. You will find that the interval for oiling the CNC router engraving machine is getting shorter and shorter, but the demand is getting bigger and bigger.


Use special lubricants for CNC router engraving machines with graphene technology

5 Axis Atc CNC Router

Advantage,Industry oil standards! Large capacity of 4.5 liters

  1. Dissolve sludge

Strongly and quickly dissolve the sludge produced by oil, butter and other fats

  1. Efficient lubrication

Efficiently lubricate the guide rail, slider, lead screw, nut, rack, gear shaft, bearing and other parts of the CNC router engraving machine

  1. More protection

Unique slow-release technology effectively protects the metal surface and prolongs the service life

  1. Safer

The PH value is neutral, does not contain acid and alkali components, does not corrode the guide rail, and is harmless to the human body!


  1. When using the new machine for the first time, fill the oiler directly into the oiler, and do not exceed two-thirds of the oiler’s capacity! Avoid heavy pressure, easy to overflow, or evenly spread the equipment parts with a watering can or brush every week, once a week or half a month!
  2. For old equipment, it is recommended to clean the parts before using it for the first time!

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