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The gantry CNC cutting machine is a kind of CNC cutting equipment that is widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises. The equipment is economical and the price is not high. It is a device with a suitable investment income-output ratio, so how should we choose a machine? What about the gantry CNC cutting machine? What is the current price of gantry CNC cutting machine?

There are generally two types of gantry CNC cutting machines. The first is plasma flame cutting, and the other is gantry multi-head straight cutting. Both are widely used. Plasma flame cutting can cut any shape and graphics in the CNC system. Longmen multi-head straight cutting is a way to configure multiple flame cutting guns to cut metal sheets at the same time. The two cutting methods are determined according to different metal processing requirements. But the two kinds of equipment have been most widely used in our metal processing. At present, our company has customized and produced gantry plasma flame CNC cutting machines and gantry multi-head straight CNC cutting machines in large quantities.

There is also a fiber laser cutting machine that is currently the main trend of the metal cutting industry. This can be said to be a cutting method that has almost completely replaced plasma cutting. The cutting speed is fast and the cutting is good. This is incomparable with plasma. However, with the economic development in recent years, the price of fiber laser cutting machine has almost dropped to the cost price, and the price is already very low, but laser cutting is still only It is mostly used for thin plate cutting, and the cutting and processing of thick plates are generally used in flame cutting.

gantry CNC cutting machineThe gantry CNC plasma cutting machine replaces manual cutting and profiling cutting with the advantages of high speed and high efficiency. In daily use and processing, its frequency of use is quite frequent, which reduces the production cost of many enterprises and improves work efficiency. improve. Four steps to improve the utilization rate of plate cutting of gantry CNC cutting machine

gantry CNC cutting machine

  1. Improve the utilization rate of raw materials

The gantry CNC cutting machine can complete the cutting and walking of the raw material trajectory, but it is not intelligent enough to automatically optimize the raw material cutting trajectory, which needs to be completed with the relevant nesting software. It is necessary to purchase nesting software for cutting and blanking, especially when the processing material is single and the cutting shape is fixed, a simple picture arrangement can be made during CAD drawing to maximize the material utilization rate and reduce the processing cost.


  1. Simplify the secondary processing steps.

Under normal circumstances, the cutting accuracy of CNC cutting is relatively stable. When companies consider purchasing CNC cutting equipment, they first need to choose a suitable model according to their own needs. Good cutting quality requires not only good machine tools but also well-trained operations. work. Skilled operators can cut more workpieces, achieve higher cutting quality, and reduce waste and secondary processing costs.

gantry CNC cutting machine

  1. Reasonable planning of operation time

Any mechanical equipment should not be switched on and off frequently. Specifically, on the CNC plasma cutting machine, repeated switching on and off not only reduces the work efficiency, but also causes losses to the equipment. Enterprises should reasonably plan the use time of equipment, try to complete cutting tasks in one-time and large quantities, and minimize downtime caused by maintenance.

gantry CNC cutting machine

  1. Supporting material facilities

As the auxiliary infrastructure of the gantry CNC cutting machine, we suggest that the enterprise should be equipped with several material transportation facilities in order to shorten the cutting gap. For example, users can set up multiple cutting platforms and overhead cranes on the processing site. In this way, the time for manual loading and unloading can be reduced, and the operator can concentrate on the cutting work.


Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine requirements configuration

  1. Bilateral drive, automatic ignition with torch;
  2. Steel beam frame, horizontal 4 meters, effective cutting 3 meters; horizontal optional 4-8 meters;
  3. The 24KG steel rail with vertical precision machining, effective 4 meters, can be lengthened arbitrarily; 38KG and 43KG guide rails can be selected.
  4. Standard configuration: 1 flame, electric height adjustment;
  5. Beijing Startech industrial-grade CNC system CCM3, 10.4-inch LCD screen; Shanghai Jiaotong University or American Hypertherm 17-inch LCD screen CNC system can be selected to realize on-site drawing.
  6. Equipped with the domestic expert version of the nesting software, with common edge and bridging functions; optional Australian Fastcam nesting software
  7. 1-3 flames can be added to cut at the same time, thereby improving production efficiency;
  8. It can be equipped with automatic arc voltage adjustment and plasma power supply to realize dual use of flame and plasma.
  9. Original imported Japanese Panasonic servo drive;
  10. Flame piercing cutting carbon steel 5-100mm, edge cutting 260mm, cutting speed 0.5 meters per minute;
  11. The thickness of plasma cutting depends on the plasma power supply. The plasma cutting speed is 2-4 times that of the flame. Plasma cutting is recommended within 20mm;
  12. The power supply adopts domestic well-known brands or American Haibao power supply, which has a high temporary load rate and can work continuously for a long time; the price of the power supply varies greatly, and the quality of the power supply directly affects the cutting effect;

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