5 Axis Moving Gantry CNC Machines

Gantry Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router Machine for Sale

What is the Gantry Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router Machine?

Gantry Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router Machine, also known as 5 axis cnc machining center, 5 axis cnc milling machine, is good at space curved surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique drilling, chamfering, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, military scientific research, precision machinery, high-precision medical equipment, normal manufacturing, etc.

This high precision machine can handle the largest workpieces, and the heaviest materials and tooling, offering unique automation and material handling options, it provides the best possible cost per table size relationship available.

The 5 -Axis This CNC router is a continuous-use, feature-rich, heavy-duty machining center designed to process a wide variety of applications, from light materials such as wood and foam to composites and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This machining center has the option of sliding doors on both the front and back, allowing for easy loading/unloading of large materials. The universal fixture table improves productivity by reducing downtime between part runs.

5 Axis Moving Gantry CNC Machines

Advantage of the 5 Axis Cnc Router Machine

Aerospace – The accuracy and precision of Northwood CNC Machining Centers has surpassed the needs of many aerospace companies. Northwood has provided years of reliable service to suppliers in the commercial aviation, business class, and private jet aircraft manufacturers.

Energy and Defense – In the Wind Energy Manufacturing industry, Northwood has designed custom products that serve in hi-end manufacturing environments

Stone and Glass – Northwood Stoneworks has machinery custom designed for the Stone Fabricator. This includes architectural millwork or building stone design.

Transportation – Northwood serves the Transportation industry in various ways.  Companies in the automotive, marine, railway and recreational vehicle (RV) industries use Northwood Machining Centers to process parts that are critical to their manufacturing process.

Other Industries – Northwood has sold CNC Machining Centers to many other industries.  Northwood doesn’t just build CNC Machining Centers that are made for only one application, but instead building a solid modular machining center that can accommodate many different tooling configurations.

Application of the 5 Axis Cnc Router Machine

Composite materials industry: Trimming and punching of various composite materials such as plastic parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, rubber and plastic products;

Mold industry: 5 axis processing of FRP wood mold, casting wood mold, resin products, sludge model and various non-metal molds;

Ceramic sanitary industry: 5 axis processing of gypsum molds, 5 axis processing of various gypsum products;

Furniture industry: 5 axis processing of solid wood furniture, 5 axis processing of various furniture tenon and mortise pieces, 5 axis processing of stair elbows, and 5 axis processing of various furniture.

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5 Axis Moving Gantry CNC Machines5 Axis Moving Gantry CNC Machines

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