1325 Automated Wood Door Engraving Machine for sale

CNC Woodworking Machine For Sale-Woodworking CNC Machinery

CNC Router is the perfect computer-controlled machine for cutting and engraving wood, acrylic, MDF, plastic, marble, rubber, epoxy resin, glass, foam, crystal and other materials. It typically falls into two types, ball screw-driven and rack & pinion-driven. More configuration options include carousel or linear ATC, double platforms, auto loading & unloading platforms, auto labeling platform, drilling head, etc.

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

Automatic CNC Router Saw Blade Cutting Machine Featrues :

1. 3.0kw saw blade cut head can cut wood, aluminum, acylic, PVC etc material.
2. 9.0kw air cooling spindle, with large torque, high precision, suitable for long-term work
3. 8Pcs automatic tools changer,fast speed changer tools, high efficiency for woodworking.
4. Taiwn Syntec 6MB control system with break point memory, power outages continued carving, processing time forecast, and other functions to ensure that accidental processing.

Application Automatic CNC Router with Saw Blade Cutting Machine :

1. Furniture wooden craft decoration:
Solid wood furniture, MDF paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinet windows, bedside tables, screen carvings, 2D/3D large-area flat plate carving,

2. Advertising industry:
Acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, all kinds of signs, badges, placetags, copper, fonts, fonts, various signs, trademarks and other materials.

3. Metal Industry:  Aluminum, copper soft metal material cutting and drilling.

1325 Wood Cutting Machine

ATC CNC router is the first choice for enterprises with large production volume. Compared with the traditional manual tool change production method, this type of ATC CNC engraving machine has an independent tool magazine with different tool bits. It can automatically change the required tools by computer program control without stopping work during processing. And it can complete a series of cutting, hollowing, grooving, punching, milling grooves, milling planes and other different processing needs. Therefore, both the processing quality and processing efficiency have been greatly improved. According to the different tool changing methods, automatic tool changing engraving machines can be subdivided into linear ATC CNC machine and disc ATC engraving machines.
1325 Automated Wood Door Engraving Machine for sale

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