Guide to Buying Stone CNC Machine

CNC stone engraving machine, installed with the special design software in the computer, for finishing the graphics and character design, layout, automatically generate processing path information, then through the USB interface or other data transmission interface to transmit tool path data to single-chip microcomputer, CNC system receives tool path data, completes display and user interaction and other functions. A specific algorithm is used to transform the input path information into NC information. The controller converts the information into driving signal of a stepper motor or servo motor (pulse train) to control the cutter of X, Y, Z three axis of the engraving machine. At the same time, milling processing can be used to engrave all kinds of graphic or 3D(three-dimensional) graphics words on the computer, so as to realize automatic carving.


  1. First, you need to know the functions of different types of stone CNC machines. This helps you choose the most suitable machine. The small stone CNC machine has the basic engraving and caving functions, and can process small-sized stones. For example, the stone CNC router can engrave letters, patterns, reliefs, and hollow-out works on granite, marble, and other stone slabs. While a large stone CNC machining center is more often used to process kitchen or bathroom countertops, bar counters, tables, etc. The quartz CNC machine can complete the processing of the front Roman edge, rear water blocking edge, basin hole, tap hole cutting, special shape cutting, grinding and polishing, and the background wall carving.
  2. Then, you need to find a suitable stone CNC machine manufacturer and discuss the specifications and price. For instance, the spindle type and power, motor type and power, worktable size, guide rail, control system, etc. All these specifications can be customized according to your specific requirements. This also means that you must be clear about your processing needs.
  3.  Thirdly, remember to sign a contract with the stone CNC machine manufacturer. It can not only specify the rights and obligations but also protect the legitimate rights of both parties. The contract can also be used as the evidence if the stone router machine you received are not correspond to what was described in the contract.
  4.  Last but not least, the after-sale service is also an important factor when buying a stone CNC machine. Some small or informal manufacturers usually provide poor or even no after-sales service. This has a great influence on the use and legal rights protection of the machine. So be sure to investigate and check the service system of the manufacturers before buying a stone CNC machine.

The stone engraving machine is applicable for granite, marble, sandstone, jade, brick, red brick, tile, bluestone, crystal stone, microcrystalline stone, Mongolia black, Songhua stone, various of artificial stone, aluminium, copper, iron, and other soft metals.

The shape of Machinable materials: plates, multiplanar columns, cuboid and polyhedron which have at least two planes (one plane contacts the machine table, and then the stone is fixed by means of fixed tools, the other plane is that engraving the pattern surface).

Carving processing: relief, garland, diaglyph, carving, milling, wave plate, hollow carving, cutting, polishing.

Engraving depth: hardness small jade(white marble, artificial marble): 6-8cm can be processed at a time; hardness higher stone (granite, topaz): 1-4cm can be processed at a time. If relief requires more depth can be layered under the knife (0 to 4 cm, for the first time the second began to walk 4 to 8 cm; In this way, each processing depth of the cutter should be less than 4cm.

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