CNC foam engraving machine

How much is a foam engraving machine

In the process of engraving with a foam engraving machine, have you ever encountered a situation where the mechanical equipment runs one card at a time? Faced with this common problem, the solution is actually not complicated, follow my steps to continue reading!

The second may be caused by external structural components, such as screws, sliders or rails, etc., may be due to their jamming or misalignment during operation of the foam engraving machine, may be caused by dirt or racks, and replace after cleaning and inspection or replace. Repair the faulty parts in time to solve the problem that the foam engraving machine runs one card at a time.

In addition, improper setting of engraving parameters may also cause the foam engraving machine to be stuck. In the process of actually solving the problem, the cause of the error can be eliminated by checking different parts, so as to accurately find the root cause. The root of the problem lies in “prescribe the right medicine”.

Finally, regardless of the quality of the foam engraving machine, the situation that the foam engraving machine runs one card after another is actually caused by improper operation and use, so special attention should be paid to the standardized operation of mechanical equipment.

Foam engraving machine, the main shaft can be rotated 180°, 8 online tool changers can be selected to meet the needs of different processing processes, and can perform full-scale 3D engraving and surface processing, also known as foam CNC milling machine, mold CNC engraving machine, EPS CNC engraving machine.

The innovative models designed by Jiabang CNC combine a set of competitive configurations to provide a variety of foam EPS woodworking CNC milling machines at low prices. Various configurations are available to meet different needs and are ideal for milling of various foams and molds. planer. Popular apps include:

Carving of various non-metallic materials, such as foam plastic, foam lost foam, automobile foam plastic mold, yacht mold, large ship wood mold, wood casting mold, engineering plastic, aviation wood mold, propeller, train wood mold, etc.

Application industry of four-axis styrofoam machining center

Foam processing of automotive stamping dies, casting wooden molds, automotive interiors, and engineering plastic materials;

Moulds for other industries: electrical appliance moulds, lighting moulds, ceramic sanitary ware, three-dimensional curved surfaces of large musical instruments, musical instrument moulds, home appliance moulds, air conditioner moulds, auto moulds, auto interior moulds, car bumper moulds, car dashboard moulds, ETC.

Foam engraving machine is very popular with foam, wood, aluminum mold manufacturers, the manufacturer can perform bending engraving processing by swinging the spindle, suitable for molding industry, foam molding industry, advertising industry, woodworking industry, craft gifts, architectural models, electronics , CAD/CAM industrial molds and other 3D engravings.

The foam engraving machine adopts the international leading numerical control system, with high processing precision and high speed. Widened linear guide, self-lubricating block. When engraving, the force in all directions is equal, which ensures the mechanical precision and strength. The main shaft, line rail, and ball screw are all equipped with dust-proof blowing devices, which can prevent foam dust from entering the screw, line rail and main shaft. The line rail and lead screw are equipped with automatic lubricating device, which can effectively remove foam dust and avoid damage. The electric control cabinet can effectively dissipate heat and is suitable for long-term work.

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