How to choose the perfect CNC Plasma Cutter

With the continuous development of digitalization, many manufacturing plants have adopted the ever-changing CNC technology and processing technology to manufacture high-tech products. Desktop plasma cutter have become advanced, complex and connected to the field of automation. The new CNC technology can help companies create new products with lower costs and a growing library of exciting materials. Smarter and tighter CNC cutting machine rely less on labor.

desktop plasma cutter desktop plasma cutter

What is the role of desktop plasma cutter?

The plasma cutting machine uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to melt the metal material to be formed. The high speed of this advanced machine is used to remove molten metal at the incision. The plasma machine is controlled by CNC. The CNC workshop allows the computer to control the torch head of the plasma machine to produce a clean cut. Most modern desktop plasma cutter are capable of cutting thick materials on multiple axes, thus limiting the possibility of complex welding, which seems impossible in other cases.

Plasma cutting machines can cut metals of different shapes and designs, and then combine them to make artworks. Auto repair shops, garbage dumps and construction sites usually use plasma cutting machines to cut sheet metal. According to the experience of the user and the cutting tool, very precise cutting can be performed.

Plasma CNC machines are designed to produce the sharpest and highest quality cuts that only plasma machines can achieve. desktop plasma cutter use plasma torches to cut different types of materials in different shapes and sizes. Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and brass are some types of metal materials used in plasma cutting machines. Plasma cutting machines usually cut square/round metal plates or metal tubes.

Choose the Plasma CNC machine that suits your installation

The cutting quality is very important to determine the type of machine purchased in the store. Ideally, good cutting quality can improve product quality. The edges produced by the plasma cutting machine are more precise, clean and smooth, thereby reducing waste.

When choosing the machine for your store/facility, there are some factors to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the factors highlighted below:

  • The thickness of the metal used

The source of most Plasma CNC machines depends on their cutting ability and amperage. If you want to cut thinner materials, you should consider using a lower amperage plasma cutting machine. If you want to cut thick materials, you should look for high amperage equipment.

  • Faster cutting speed

When using a desktop plasma cutter, the cutting speed will be provided by the manufacturer. If you are cutting thinner metal, the machine that provides the highest amperage will cut the metal much faster than the low-current equipment. For production cutting, the general rule of thumb is to choose a machine with a throughput that is about twice the normal cutting thickness.

desktop plasma cutter

Portability and durability are the advantages of desktop plasma cutter

The plasma machine has various functions. Many users use the plasma machine for cutting. The machine can be moved easily. Portability is one of the biggest advantages of this machine. The plasma cutting machine also has high durability. It can be used in harsh environments, and the filter ensures that the oil is removed from the compressed air, which is beneficial to the operation of the machine.

Desktop plasma cutter are not only suitable for large industries, but also for small companies. Advanced technology can increase productivity while reducing production costs. When evaluating the plasma machine for your store, it is recommended to consider the above instructions to improve efficiency and store revenue.

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