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Rust Removal Method For Main Shaft Of CNC Router For Woodworking

Because of the working environment, if not timely maintenance, the spindle motor of cnc router for woodworking is easy to rust to affect the normal use of the machine., how can we remove the rust without damaging the spindle?

 CNC Router For Woodworking

CNC Router For Woodworking Spindle Motor Rust Methods:

1, physical removal

Use manual knocking, shoveling, scraping, frustrating and other methods to remove surface rust; you can also use spatula, wire brush and other tools to remove rust. Although the method is simple, it is easy to damage the spindle. Therefore, those who use this method to remove rust, The operation must be careful to avoid inadvertently causing the spindle to deviate from the track.

2, chemical removal

Using the cleaning lubricant, spray the cleaning lubricant evenly on the motor, leave it for about 30 minutes, and then wipe off the rust on it with a clean cotton cloth. If the rust is very serious, you can spray the lubricant several times. This cleaning lubricant does not conduct electricity and also has a lubricating effect.

The regular cleaning of the best cnc woodworking router is a very important part of its normal operation and extended service life. In addition to the above cleaning methods, you need to carefully read the machine manually when cleaning, and clean the CNC Router according to the correct method to prevent damage to the machine parts. If there is any uncertainty, the manufacturer should be contacted in time for the correct solution.

 CNC Router For Woodworking

Applicable Industry

Mainly used in advertising, big word cutting, label making, led/ neon slot, hole shaped cutting, plastic lamp box mold making, etc

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