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How much is a fully automatic jade engraving machine

Automatic jade engraving machine

Times are changing, and so are the production methods:

With the development of society and economy, people’s aesthetics are constantly changing. Jade engraving machine products, especially fine carving products such as reliefs, depictions, and picture frames used for interior decoration, are developing rapidly. application development. At present, there are very few good equipments on the market specially used for processing three-dimensional engraving and plane engraving products, and manual engraving has low work efficiency, unstable quality and high labor intensity.

The development of stone engraving machine equipment has laid the foundation for the automatic and efficient processing of stone engraving products. The application of CNC engraving equipment in the processing of plane engraving products has realized the mechanization and automatic production of stone carving products, and has high efficiency.

With the development of science and technology and the progress of human understanding, it is an inevitable trend of social development that machines replace manual work. The retirement of the old masons and the pursuit of technology by young people made the tombstone engraving machine come into being. More and more people pay attention to efficiency, beauty, health, pollution-free and pollution-free CNC engraving machine will become the main production tool in the jade engraving machine industry.

3D Stone Marble CNC RouterJade engraving machine market trends:

With the development of the engraving industry, observing the overall development trend of the jade engraving machine industry, it is found that only large-scale, low-cost, and high-quality engraving machine manufacturers can survive and develop in the engraving machine industry.

In recent years, due to the increase in labor market costs and rising prices, the labor cost of jade processing remains high and takes a long time. The automatic jade engraving machine has become a necessary choice for the development of the industry. It has low investment, easy management, fast jade processing, simple operation and precise carving. One person can operate multiple machines, which can fully meet the jade processing needs and save you a lot of labor costs.

In order to meet the needs of large-scale production of jade carving, a simple operating system is an urgent research and development project for jade carving machine manufacturers.

Main functions of jade engraving machine:

Now take Yubang CNC jade carving machine as an example, it can carve jade, agate, amber and other high-hardness materials. When the machine is working, you only need to input the program on the handle panel, and you can complete the whole process from proofing, molding, engraving, and fine carving at one time. It usually takes more than ten days for manual carving, and it can be completed in a few hours with Yubang CNC jade carving machine.

Although the development prospects of the jade carving industry are good, choosing a good jade carving machine can start to make your products occupy the jade carving market and make profits one step faster than others.

Can the stone engraving machine engrave reliefs? Many customers will ask this question?

Now more and more people are processing stone reliefs for use in the garden construction industry. So can the stone engraving machine engrave relief? How deep is the engraving? What is the engraving speed? How to choose a suitable stone engraving machine?

There is no doubt that the stone engraving machine can engrave reliefs. Using Jingdiao software, reliefs include yang carvings and yin carvings. Yang carvings are the main ones, which are protruding. The engraving speed of stone engraving machine is slow because of the high hardness of stone, especially the slow engraving speed of granite. On the contrary, the engraving speed of white marble is much faster because of the low hardness. Since the engraved slate reliefs are all in batches and have the same symmetrical pattern, customers and friends mainly choose double-headed heavy-duty stone engraving machines, which are durable and efficient. Heavy-duty double-headed stone engraving machine, how much is the stone engraving machine, according to the specific configuration.

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