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How much is a large stone engraving machine

When buying a large stone engraving machine, we must have a certain understanding of the large stone engraving machine. Only in this way can we use it better, and we need to have some methods and methods when choosing, so that we can choose a large stone engraving machine that suits us.


Quartz Stone Kitchen CountertopsPlease pay attention to the characteristics of large stone engraving machines, the spindle power is large and the power is small. Some large stone engraving machines are only suitable for low-power processing. If the spindle power is too small, it will also affect its application range.

We need to understand the performance and operation of large stone engraving machines. Spindles are critical because spindle motors are usually not covered by warranty due to the long working hours of the spindle. If it fails, it will affect the use of the machine.

Adjust the spindle speed. If the speed cannot be applied flexibly, it means that the scope of application of the large stone engraving machine is limited. Now is the time to pay attention.

The production process of stone carving body. The body of the high-power engraving machine must be precise and stable when it needs to work, so the body must be cast and engraved to ensure its accuracy and stability.

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Ball screws and guide rails are also important components of large stone engraving machines. A good lead screw and guide rail are important conditions to ensure the long-term accuracy and performance of the engraving machine.

When purchasing,we can take these points into consideration and let us know what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a large stone engraving machine, so that the mechanical equipment can work better.

The role of large stone engraving machine and water tank

Today we will talk about the role of the large stone engraving machine plus the sink, how does it work? You may not know much about this aspect, so be sure to understand this aspect at this time, so that you can use the device better, give full play to its advantages at work, and improve work efficiency. let’s see.

One is to add water to the spindle motor during processing, and the other is to add water to the tool during processing. Standard large stone engraving machines are double cooled. On the one hand, because the stone is hard, the cutting head must be cooled with water when working. This is also what the sink does.

On the other hand, the water-cooled spindle can prevent the spindle temperature from being too high and play a certain protective role on the spindle. However, if the customer is not careful or does not follow the training steps, anhydrous dry burning can occur, causing serious damage to the machine itself. Therefore, the operator should pay attention to this when using it. The trainer should also explain this to the operator.

When we use a large stone engraving machine, we need to understand the operation of the large stone engraving machine in advance, so as to better utilize the working advantages of the machine. Standard operation is necessary, because this is also the premise to ensure our safety, so this point is to let everyone abide by the relevant operation standards.

Before starting the machine, check that the lubrication and protection devices of each part of the machine meet the applicable requirements.

Reasonable selection of tools and fixtures. When clamping precision workpieces or thin and soft workpieces, the clamping method should be appropriate and the force should be appropriate to ensure that the clamping is firm and reliable.

During the operation, it is necessary to observe whether the clamping of the workpiece is loose at any time. If it is found to be loose during use, it must be stopped in time to avoid damage. When observing the workpiece during operation, the workstation should be appropriate.

The operation should be civilized, and irrelevant activities should not be arbitrarily carried out on the machine tool guide rail and worktable. Do not move objects on moving parts of the machine.

Abide by the process regulations, and do not arbitrarily change the parameters and operating procedures set by the manufacturer in the CNC system.

After the operation is completed, clean the machine tool, clean the workplace, and disconnect the power supply.

The main features of large stone engraving machine are as follows:

The frame adopts an integrated structure, with good rigidity and no deformation.

The spindle adopts high-precision, high-performance double-door auxiliary motorized spindle, which has low machining vibration and high rotation accuracy.

The main motion guide rail is a linear guide rail with low resistance and high precision.

Each control axis adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and driver.

A variety of tools are designed for workpiece clamping and are easy to operate.

Tool cooling can use external cooling and internal cooling as required.

Sink slopes are easy to machine.

The semi-floating connection between the beam and the frame adopts advanced technology to ensure the stability of operation.

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