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Several Problems of Panel Furniture Cutting Machine

First,As the core part of the panel furniture cutting machine, the spindle has a high usage rate, and of course it is also one of the parts that are prone to problems. Due to long-term high-frequency operation and improper use, the spindle is prone to some noise. So, in real operation, in the face of some noise from the spindle, how should we deal with it?

Double Spindles CNC Machining CenterIntermittent sound: It is generated by the vibration and collision between the retainer and the rolling body. It may be generated regardless of the type of grease. It is easier to generate when bearing torque, load or radial clearance.

Solution:Improve the accuracy of the retainer, choose the bearing with small clearance or apply preload to the bearing, reduce the torque load, reduce the installation error, select good grease.

Buzzing sound: The motor does not operate under load to emit a sound similar to a buzzer, and the motor has abnormal axial vibration, and there is a buzzing sound when it is turned on or off.

Solution:more often appear in the lubrication state is not good, and in winter and both ends of the motor with ball bearings, mainly when the shaft aligning performance is not good, the axial vibration under the influence of a kind of unstable vibration.

Impurity sound: caused by the bearing or cleanliness, it emits an irregular abnormal sound. The sound is sometimes absent, sometimes large and sometimes small, and occurs frequently on high-speed motors.

Solution: Choose good grease, improve the cleanliness before grease injection, strengthen the sealing performance of the bearing, and improve the cleanliness of the installation environment

Dada sound: The sound frequency changes with the bearing speed, and the surface waviness of the part is the main cause of noise

Solution:Improve the surface processing quality of bearing raceway, reduce the amplitude of waviness, reduce bruises, correct clearance pretension and fit, check the operation of free end bearing, and improve the precision installation method of shaft and bearing seat.

Second,Panel furniture cutting machine as our manufacturing tool, daily maintenance can make the machine run better. Superstar CNC has summarized some daily maintenance for you.

1.Dust removal: Do a good job in dust removal of the table top and various parts of the woodworking cutting machine. If dust enters the equipment, it will cause great trouble to the equipment, greatly affect the normal use of the equipment, and also affect the production efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dust on the surface of the machine table and the casing in daily use, and it is very important to do a good job of cleaning. Superstar panel furniture cutting machine comes with dust suction device, cleaning is not a dream.

2.Lubrication: To do a good job of lubricating the transmission device of the plate furniture cutting machine with uneven feeding of the equipment. When the equipment is running, the equipment transmission device is not running smoothly, which will affect the quality of blanking. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the transmission of the equipment in daily maintenance. Superstar CNC is equipped with an automatic oil filling system, together with various transmission devices, oil filling and lubrication are not troublesome.

The daily maintenance of the panel furniture cutting machine, although it is an inconspicuous small work, but it is of great significance to extend the service life of the panel furniture cutting machine.

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