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Mini CNC Router Woodworking For Wood Furniture, MDF, PVC

Mini 2’x3′ 6090 CNC Router Hobby Desktop Machine has a smaller working table of 24×36 inches. With the advantages of small footprint, easy operation, best price, it is especially suitable for the hobby users or smaller shop.the machine use to engraving,carving,cutting,milling,drilling etc for all kinds of materials,

Feature Of Mini CNC Router Woodworking

Automatic Atc Tool Changer Spindle And 4-8 Position Tool Rack
The mini cnc router woodworking comes standard with a 2.2kw high frequency automatic tool changer spindle. This precision spindle requires no maintenance. Fully programmable speeds from 6,000 to 24,000 RPM, and comes complete with pneumatically retractable vacuum hood.And this atc mini CNC mill machine includes an 4-8 position tool rack in the rear of the machine. The position of this rack allows for easy loading and unloading of material from either side of the machine.

Hybrid Servo Drive Motors And Drivers
This 6090 mini CNC mill machine choose the hybrid servo system as the power source. The hybrid servo system can improve the performance of the motor and the effective torque of the motor can be increased by more than 30%. Moreover, it can effectively reduce the heat generated by the motor, thereby extending the service life of the machine. This hybrid servo system has both the convenience of using a stepping motor and the reliability of the servo system. It can be used very conveniently and does not require tedious parameter tuning.

Hybrid Vacuum And T-Slot Table
The work table of this 6090 mini cnc router woodworking is hybrid vacuum and t-slot table,the The vacuum table can absorb the materials automatically by a vacuum pump, not need to fix the materials by hand. It only takes about 3 seconds to suck up the material,thereby improving the work efficiency and quality of mini CNC router machine. Meanwhile you also can fix the material with T-slots.The controller of this atc CNC router machine is DSP NK 105 G3 Controller,it is a 3 Axes controller and it support multiple cylinders, and linear tool change.Meahwhile this controller has a large storage space, strong U disk compatibility, fast read speed, and more reliable U disk processing.So you can easily use this mini CNC mill machine.

Parameter Of Mini CNC Router Woodworking:

Mini CNC Router Woodworking

Mini CNC Router WoodworkingApplications of mini cnc router woodworking
This Mini CNC Router Machine is our new design with a strong wood CNC router machine structure. This 3D wood carving machine is configured with a helical rack and pinion transmission. The wood cutting machine was made especially for advertising industrial and hobby use.

1. Wood furniture industry: Wave Plate, fine pattern, antique funiture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.
2. Advertising industry:advertising identification, sigh making, Acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.
3. Die industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal well as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheeting, PVC, wooden planks and other non-metal materials.
4. Relief sculpture and 3D carving5. Cylindrical objects.

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