stone engraving machine

How much is the price of a stone CNC engraving machine

Stone CNC engraving machine is a computer numerical control stone processing machine tool. Stone CNC machine tools are also known as CNC stone engraving machines, stone CNC engraving machines, and CNC stone cutting machines. Stone CNC machine has the functions of engraving, engraving, cutting and polishing of marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, ceramic tile.

stone engraving machineFeatures of stone CNC engraving machine

Heavy duty welded thick layer structure with water tank countertop, stone carving professional heavy duty structure

Taiwan Haiwen square guide rail 25MM, x, y axis helical rack drive, Z axis ball screw drive

Stepper motor and LED driver. Of course, the servo motor and driver can also be selected according to your requirements

3-7.5KW customized power water-cooled spindle, suitable spindle can be selected according to material hardness

PVC aluminum T-slot table with water tank table with 2 water pumps for cooling spindle and tools

DSP control system or Ncstudio control system, other better control systems can also be selected

Automatic lubricating oil system for lubricating rails

Export plywood packaging

stone engraving machine

Single head stone engraving machine

Stone CNC engraving machine details:

1). Working area: 1200*1200*200mm aluminum T-slot table with PVC;

2). Mechanical structure cast iron structure;

3). Guide rail: circular guide rail;

4). Drive mode: X, Y, Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw;

5). Spindle: 1.5KW water-cooled spindle (ER16)

6). Motor and driver: 86BYG-450B stepper motor and MA860H Leadshine driver;

7). Control system: Mach 3 control system with USB

8). Software: Artcam;

9). Toolbox;

10). Tool sensor;

stone engraving machine

What are the common accessories of stone CNC engraving machine:

Spindle, the spindle consists of a constant power spindle, and the spindle and torque are the two types of spindles that are defined differently by many manufacturers. Usually best based on the type of spindle recommended by the manufacturer. Every manufacturer has their own set of assembly process, of course, they don’t understand, are irresponsible, just want to save money that is.

The guide rail is divided into linear guide and compass. Since the linear guide is currently the most suitable for stone carving machines, the linear guide is divided into models and brands, which cannot be ignored.

Inverter, driver: some of these parts are of regular brands without problems, only one size difference.

Bed structure: At present, our company chooses the Italian structure, which greatly improves the stability of the machine tool.

Additional functions: Rotation of the shaft, weighting of the bed, assembly process (the size of each factory is different)

Application of stone CNC engraving machine

Stone, marble, granite, Chinese black stone, bluestone, jade, crystal, glass, plexiglass, floor tile, ceramic tile, plastic, chemical composite board, PVC board, bamboo, aluminum-plastic board, metal, etc., line carving, 2D carving, 3D carving , 3D relief, cutting, drilling, processing.

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