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How to choose CNC woodworking cutting machine

What is a CNC woodworking cutting machine?

CNC woodworking cutting machine is an explicit forming CNC equipment used to manufacture panel furniture. Its main function is to cut wood planks. In the process of processing, the cutting machine includes cutting, punching, beveling and other processes. Usually, the CNC woodworking cutting machine automatically improves the layout design, generates renderings, and makes spontaneous modifications through the blueprint of the intelligent software, without automatically generating different paths. Therefore, it can save and improve the utilization of the table. CNC woodworking cutting machines are often used in the furniture industry, such as cabinets, wardrobes, solid wood, paint, solid wood composites and suites. If you want to process panel furniture, CNC woodworking cutting machine is your best partner.

nesting CNC machineThe benefits of CNC woodworking cutting machine

CNC wood cutting machines provide key advantages for CNC jobs that have a large impact on the overall profitability of the project. It works with:

Improve productivity

Nesting is done by making more cuts on less material to reduce the amount of material and machinery required. It also maximizes the travel distance required by the CNC tool, allowing different parts to share the slicing line. After all, you can only make money by cutting expenses.

The automation provided by the sizing software also means that the sizing process is very efficient and accurate. These factors contribute to a significant increase in productivity.

Four Process Nested CNC Router

How to choose Shandong CNC woodworking cutting machine

reduce waste

Use as much paper as possible to minimize what ends up being wasted. It also has a positive effect on total revenue because if you use less material and throw away less waste, you don’t have to buy as much material and consume less operating costs.

While we can’t completely eliminate all waste, we can drastically reduce it by introducing CNC woodcutters.

Multi-process CNC woodworking cutting machine

Multi-process CNC woodworking cutting machine is a higher performance CNC woodworking cutting machine. It can realize the processing technology of cutting, drilling and grooving of panel furniture. The multi-process CNC woodworking cutting machine can complete ordinary three-in-one cutting and perforation. It can also punch hinge holes. In addition, it meets the requirements of modern panel furniture. Therefore, its use can not only improve the production and processing accuracy and efficiency of panel furniture.

It also saves on production costs. This non-porous process adopts automatic edge banding machine with bag, side hole device, software disassembly and computer control system. Realize the automatic production of panel furniture, save labor costs and improve economic benefits.

Automatic tool changing CNC woodworking cutting machine is an ATC CNC woodworking cutting machine with automatic tool changing system. Automatic tool change CNC woodworking cutting machine is ideal for mass production in the furniture industry.

The following are the functions of the multi-process CNC woodworking cutting machine:

Adopt linear tool changer and special saw blade spindle to save tools effectively. It has the advantages of high processing efficiency and good stability.

The new large square tube seamless welding machine is processed by advanced milling machine. Widening the square tube can also improve the strength of the bed and surface.

The XY axis adopts helical line, and the Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw with high precision.

The dual bag vacuum cleaner configuration is more environmentally friendly. The push-type dust removal device adopts the secondary dust removal function, which makes the production of panel furniture more environmentally friendly and keeps workers healthy.

It is more convenient to replace the surface of the embedded parts by replacing the vacuum adsorption desktop. Replacing liners, non-wipers, and sticky liners improves countertop accuracy. Additionally, it prevents leaks and air leaks between zones and improves adsorption.

The automatic knife setting instrument automatically adjusts the initial position of the knife and the position of the object, so that the engraving machine can accurately engrave the knife.

The automatic lubrication system runs more smoothly. It also reduces machine wear and prolongs the life of your CNC wood cutting machine.

Four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine is a cost-effective machine tool. This type of CNC machine is equipped with four spindles, different spindles for precise sizing and drilling. Therefore, the production of intelligent, more efficient and less labor-intensive panel furniture manufacturing.

Double platform four process CNC woodworking cutting machine

The four-process CNC wood cutting machine has two platforms, which means you can prepare more material. You can load or unload on one side, while the CNC router works on the other side.

The role of the four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine:

With the segmentation software, it can be automatically positioned. And optimize the processing functions such as cutting, punching, and grooving.

X, Y axis adopts screw frame, Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw, high precision and more durable.

Using steel gantry, high precision. It is heavy and easy to handle.

All three axes use original linear square rails, which have good stability, long service life and high precision.

It adopts 7-zone vacuum adsorption table, 6 positioning cylinders, and customized embedded parts adsorption bottom plate. The base plate can be quickly replaced without glue, and the introduction of the device is more convenient.

Use a servo motor to make it more stable.

Automatic tool setting, more precise processing.

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