How to choose the furniture making machine

The furniture making machine contains a variety of different functions, realizing production furniture intelligence and automation. This production method not only saves labor costs, but also improves processing efficiency and improves product quality. Therefore, furniture making machines have become more and more popular in furniture manufacturers.

Why choose furniture making machine?

We all know that traditional furniture production machine is usually calculated and disassembled by carpenters and disassembles sliding table saw cutting row drilling – edge banding machine  test assembled packaging.

This production method has shortcomings such as high labor costs and low production efficiency. Therefore, conventional processing methods are no longer sufficient to meet people’s processing requirements. Instead, the furniture making machine can have a variety of different options, more and more popular. The production costs and processing effects of different production lines are different. Choosing the CNC furniture production machine should be based on your own production conditions.

For example, if you need to process approximately 40 sectors within 8 hours a day, you can choose ATC CNC router machine + edge banding machine + side hole drilling machine.

If you want to process approximately 60-70 sheets 8 hours a day, you can choose a 4 process nesting CNC router + edge banding machine + side hole drilling machine.

Then, if the machining plate is between 60 to 100, you should choose the machining center with automatic loading table + automatic edge banding machine + six-side drilling machine.

However, if the processing amount exceeds 100 panels, you need to select a fully automatic panel furniture CNC cutter production line.

Recommend 3 commonly used furniture making machine

Today, IGOLDENCNC will professor how to choose the right CNC machine for panel furniture making on your own production requirements?

The following is a combination and different configurations of three different CNC furniture production plans. You can choose the most suitable for your budget and production needs.

First choice: economical CNC furniture making machine

This type machine is an economical semi-auto board furniture production line that can handle custom production of the entire house. It mainly includes an auxiliary processing equipment such as ATC CNC router, edge banding machine, side hole drilling machine, and panel saw. The following is the treatment effect of each CNC machine in the furniture making machine.

  1. Fully ATCCNC routermachine: It mainly can achieve punching, slotting, and cutting panel furniture.
  2. Edge bandingmachine: The fully automatic edge belt is used to cut the linear edge belt after the plate. It is recommended to select edge tapes with analysis tracking, with moderate automation and excellent processing effects. If it is used for edge strips of special shape boards, it is recommended to select a curved edge strip for processing.
  3. Side hole drilling machine: The infrared hole machine is mainly used for rear side hole drilling. Typically, it can be connected to two CNC nested machines for production and processing.
  4. Auxiliariary Equipment: These machines are mainly used for panel saws, auxiliary air compressors, and other auxiliary tools and equipment for backplane processing.

Second Standard furniture making machine:

This is a set of machines needed for standard CNC furniture production. It mainly includes a 4 process CNC nesting machine, an automatic edge-banding machine, a six-side drilling machine, and if it matches five drills and other auxiliary equipment. It can be used for custom production of housing, processing more than 75 plates every 8 hours (standard size: 2.44 * 1.22 meters). The following is the processing effect of each machine in the production line plan.

  1. 4 process CNC nesting machine: for cutting and blanking. It is recommended to use the automated tab to be used to accurately mark. After supporting professional panel furniture design software, the barcode of the panel can be printed in advance to perform automatic tags and cutting. The cutting machine does not need to flip.
  2. Automatic edge banding machine: The fully automatic edge belt is used to cut the linear edge belt after the plate. It is recommended to select edge tapes with analysis tracking, with moderate automation and excellent processing effects. If it is used for edge strips of special shape boards, it is recommended to select a curved edge strip for processing.
  3. Six-sided drilling machine: The drilling machine is used for the respective side drilling and milling grooves of the edge sealed rear sector, with high precision and high speed for disposable positioning and processing.
  4. Auxiliariary device: Mainly used for panel saws, auxiliary air compressors, etc., for the floor processing.

High-end standard furniture making machine:

This is a high-end automatic furniture production plan. It includes a ATC CNC machine with auto loading table and auto tool change, a fully automatic edge banding machine, six-side drilling machine, a film, and the like. The panel furniture production machine is a fully automatic panel furniture production line. More reasonable matching method: four sets of automatic tags and cutters, two sets of automatic numerical control edge straps, four sets of digital control six-sided diamonds, a special shape board automatic cutting center equipped with special edge strips and numerical control Six-side drill, this support is high-yield and practical. Custom furniture manufacturers have a lower budget and halving production capacity to choose a furniture production plan, including two fully automatic cutters, a number of control edge dubbers, two sets of CNC Six-side drilling machines.

  1. ATC CNC machine with auto loading table: Automatic loading and unloading woodworking processing centers use automated tags for cutting and blanking panels.
  2. Fully automatic edge banding machine: The linear edge laid is used with a full-automatic CNC edge-laid-in style for one-time completion of all linear edge strips; curved edge straps still use semi-automicidal edge straps.
  3. Six-side Drilling Machines: The drilling machine is used for stamping and grooves. It should be noted that this six-sided drill is a fully automatic six-sided drill that can be connected to the assembly line. It does not need to manually scan the board and automatically seize the material for automatic processing.
  4. Others: This automatic production line has many auxiliary production facilities – multiple sets of drone robots, semi-finished buffers, various types of power transmission lines, etc.

For the choice of furniture production line machine, investment with equipment should not simply compare with equipment investment, and should also support the output of the equipment and the operation of the equipment compared to energy consumption; through detailed data analysis Make sure it applies to your own factory equipment.

How to choose a furniture making machine?

With the rise of panel furniture, there are more and more custom furniture to process, so that the custom panel furniture factory is increasingly requires large-scale production and automation. The panel furniture production line has become an urgent need for large furniture manufacturers. So how do you choose the right panel furniture production line?

First, we must choose a reasonable panel furniture production line according to our factory plan. If the company has only a few workers in the factory, the main focus is processing and customization, and the number of customers is not very large, and it is recommended to choose a complete panel furniture production line, mainly to meet the production panel furniture.

Second, we must choose the reasonable plan of the panel furniture production line according to the company’s customer volume. If the company has been doing business for a long time, there is a stable customer source in the panel furniture market, ordering more custom furniture every day, you need to choose a panel furniture production line with high power and complete process.


If you have a furniture production, if you don’t know how to choose a furniture production plan, please contact us. We can not only provide the above three standard furniture making machine, but we can also customize our customers according to its processing needs. I believe us, we are professional.

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