Handheld Laser Welding Machine

How To Choose Suitable fiber Laser Cleaning System ?

What is Laser Cleaning?

Best laser cleaning machine is ideal for targeting specific areas of a workpiece while leaving others untouched.

Laser cleaning is an ablation process. Short, high-energy pulses vaporize oil, oxides, paint and other residuals for extraction with a vacuuming device.

Handheld Laser Welding MachinePrimary applications include preparation for joining or bonding processes, the removal of coatings like paint or phosphate layers and the cleaning of die cast dies.

There are three main pieces of equipment used for laser cleaning: a solid-state laser source such as a fiber laser, a 2D scanner and a fume extraction unit.

Internal components of igoldencnc laser cleaning machines include a fume extraction unit needed to vacuum out material removed during the laser cleaning process.

一.Distinguish from the surface quality requirements,there are two types laser cleaning machchine ,aggressive  and non-aggressive which are relative ,not absolute .

laser welding machine

Aggressive laser cleaning:

Mainly for roughly surface and parts cleaning ,for example rust ,painting ,maintenance of construction machinery ,oil and gas pipe cleaning ……

Will leave some texture on surface of parts ,little damage to the base material ,will deformation for thin metal

Non-Aggressivelaser cleaning:

Mainly for precision and high surface quality requirements cleaning ,for example mold cleaning ,engine resoration ,AL air cylinder cleaning ……

No damage to the substrate and no Texture on part surface .

Distinguish from type of laser ,there are continuous laser cleaning and pulsed laser cleaning.

Continuous laser cleaning :

Limited application , mainly used for cleaning the surface of rough products, affordable price, and the heat-affected area is large.

Plused laser cleaning :

Wide range of applications, small heat affected area, relatively expensive.

Laser beam, electron beam and ion beam are collectively referred to as high energy beam. The common characteristic is that the beam carries high energy in space transmission. Through focusing, irradiation with power density of 104-1015W/cm² can be obtained near the focus, which is the heat source with the highest intensity.

Laser has the characteristics of high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence, which is incomparable to ordinary light source. Using the high brightness of the laser, after focusing through the lens, it can produce a temperature of thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees near the focus. The high directionality of lasers allows them to travel long distances efficiently. Laser has high monochromaticity and single wavelength, which is conducive to focusing and wavelength selection. The laser emitted from the laser is transmitted from the fiber to the focusing lens, and after focusing, it arrives at the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned from the inner hole of the nozzle. A nozzle is usually used, with the help of a small hole nozzle coaxial with the laser will have a certain pressure of gas blown to the cleaning area. The gas is provided by the auxiliary air source, whose main function is to prevent the lens from being polluted by splash and smoke, and to purify the workpiece surface and strengthen the thermal effect of laser and material.

The high energy pulses of the laser cleaning system can reach up to 250mJ thus enabling a detachment or hybrid detachment process that removes paints and coatings at high speed over large spot sizes. The Powerlase thus makes the process attractive to industries such as aerospace, energy generation, automotive, marine and others, where paint and coating removal speeds are important.

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