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How to disassemble the bearing of the engraving machine?

There are many parts in the engraving machine, and the bearing is one of them. The bearing here refers to the main shaft bearing. The bearing of the engraving machine refers to the electric spindle that can be processed at high speed. There are many names for engraving machine bearings, such as “high-speed spindle”, “electric spindle” and so on. The bearings of the engraving machine are divided into ball bearings and non-contact bearings. The spindle bearing is a very important part for the engraving machine. If there is abnormal noise in the spindle bearing, it must be paid attention to, and the cause of the problem needs to be found and solved. Today, Superstar CNCwill talk about the problem of “how to remove the bearing of the engraving machine”.

  1. 2130 ATC 4 Axis CNC RouterBearing disassembly steps:

At the top of the spindle we will see that there is a cover with some hexagon socket screws on it, we can open it with a wrench. There is a round cover with a pit in the center of the main shaft, and there is a hole next to the main shaft, and there is also a hexagonal jack screw in it. Unscrew the jack screw; then take off the round cover and put a sleeve under the main shaft There is a part that can be screwed on, we use 2 wrenches, one is stuck on the top, the other is stuck on the bottom, and it can be unscrewed; at this time, the black cover below can be removed, and the rotor can also be taken out .

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It should be noted that when replacing the black cover, it must be tight to prevent the cover from leaking. Once the water leaks, it may cause a short circuit of the engraving machine spindle.

  1. Problems with engraving machine bearings

If the spindle of the engraving machine fails, the manufacturer of the engraving machine recommends that you do not disassemble it by yourself,because the internal structure of the spindle motor of the engraving machine is very thin, and improper disassembly may cause damage to the spindle.There are many equipments, and one of them is the dynamic balance verification. Even after a simple repair, the spindle will still fail due to the poor dynamic balance of the spindle.

Therefore, without these conditions, it is not advisable to disassemble it by yourself. You must find the engraving machine manufacturer for maintenance, so as to ensure that your engraving machine spindle has better performance and service life.

  1. How to judge the bearing failure of the engraving machine?

When the bearing fails, the main manifestation is that the noise of the main shaft increases, the heat generation also increases, and even the main shaft is stuck. These are the manifestations of the failure of the main shaft bearing.

The above is the question about the bearing disassembly of the engraving machine organized by the Superstar CNC engraving machine manufacturer for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can follow us to get more knowledge about the engraving machine~

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