How to doing business with a CNC machine router?

Do you have a CNC machine router that often uses it for woodworking? Are you willing to doing business with the CNC machine router? Or do you want to add your income by running the CNC machining business? If your answer is yes, you will not miss this 2021 new guide, which will tell you how to doing business with CNC machine router and run profitable CNC services.

You may say that you have never considered using the CNC machine router to doing business and run the CNC business. So this time to open your thoughts and map a good CNC business plan. In this article, we will show you how to start CNC business and how CNC machine router help you make money. Whether you are a CNC machining business entrepreneur, a CNC craftsman is just a CNC initiator about the CNC router, you will learn some valuable information from this article. Therefore, if you want to earn this opportunity to use CNC machine router, you have not yet got a solid CNC business plan, please continue this guide.

What is a CNC machine router?

Before we use the CNC machine router to make us clearly understand the CNC machine router before doing business.

The CNC machine router is a machine controlled by a computer program, which can be automatically cut, engraved, punched, punched. It is equipped with CAD (Computer Assistive Design) program and cam (computer-aided manufacturing) software. The CNC machine router is also known as CNC Wood Router because many users use it to process wood materials. However, the CNC wood router can not only process wood, but also many other metals and non-metallic materials, including plastic, acrylic acid, glass, plywood, paper, and the like.

These multiple features of the CNC machine router can meet different levels of different processing requirements. For CNC machining enterprises, CNC craftsmen or CNC beginners, they all have the possibility of making money with CNC routers and running profitable CNC services. In the next three sections, we will show how to use the CNC router to make large number of control processing services.

Use CNC router to doing business for CNC machining business

If you plan to run the CNC machining business, there are many good markets you can enter. Most CNC machining business starts from furniture, advertising logo, clothing production or instrument production. Therefore, if you want to use the CNC router to doing business in these fields, you can conduct in-depth learning and run the CNC processing business.

Is the CNC router suitable for large CNC machining business?

In order to achieve rapid repatriation and long-term profits of funds, large CNC machining companies need to consider some advanced senior CNC routers to meet large-scale production requirements or complex processing needs. This is because advanced CNC routers have more functions than the basic number of routers, and the equipped part of the device has higher quality and longer service life. The machine can run in a long period of time without stopping. In addition, there is almost no maintenance. More importantly, machining accuracy and speed are faster. Equipped with a high CNC machine router is a powerful support for large CNC machining business.

Take the IGOLDEN 5-axis CNC machine router as an example. The core kit of the machine is imported from the world famous CNC suite manufacturer. The CNC machine router is equipped with the Italian HSD spindle and Yaskava servo motor to ensure stable and rapid processing. It also uses an OSAI control system with a diversified control function. The machine is equipped with a magazine of a rotating wood tool, which can quickly change the mechanical tool. The machine can handle large-scale 3D processing. Next, let us say how to run CNC processing business, advertising logo production, clothing processing and instrument industry in furniture processing.

How to doing business with a CNC machine routerHow to doing business with a CNC machine router

Doing business with CNC machine routers: furniture

The CNC machine router has the most widely used in furniture processing. In our daily lives, a variety of furniture is made by CNC routers such as cabinets, doors, beds, tables, chairs, kitchen counters, and many other furniture. The CNC wood router cutting furniture is very effective, which greatly saves labor costs. The processing product has a smooth cutting slit.

How to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router

Doing business with CNC routers: advertising logo

Many advertising markers are made by CNC routers. Unlike furniture processing, advertising logo has more profile in product types. Public advertising markers include different modes, letters and even signals. And many materials can be used to make advertisements, such as aluminum plates, wood, plastic, acrylic acid, stainless steel, and the like. The advertising logo is the necessary demand for almost all business. Stores, restaurants, companies and supermarkets require exquisite and attractive advertising markers to promote their business. You can start CNC machining business in your advertising logo. And all you need to prepare is a basic knowledge with advanced CNC routers and 3D design. Then, you can start the CNC service to make an advertisement logo.

How to doing business with a CNC machine router fiber laser cutting machine How to doing business with a CNC machine router

Doing business with CNC routers: clothes

You can also run CNC machining business in the apparel industry. Materials for making clothes are usually a soft non-metallic material such as cotton, burlap, silk, leather, etc. All of these materials can be cut through a CNC wood router.

The CNC router has many advantages over manual clothes. First, manual cutting clothes require additional space on the fabric to increase cutting efficiency. The CNC router does not need this. It can directly cut and achieve the maximum use of materials. Second, manual cutting clothes are very slow. You must hire more workers if there are large-scale production needs. This will definitely lead to more money. The CNC router can make clothes efficiently, suitable for large-scale production. Third, manual cut cannot ensure high cutting accuracy, and accurate size is one of the highest focus of clothing consumers. The CNC timber router can easily achieve high cutting accuracy, and it is really no error during processing. Therefore, making money with the CNC router, the apparel industry is your ideal choice.

Doing business with CNC routers: musical instruments

Make the instrument is also a good way to run the CNC processing business. CNC timber routers can make many piano, guitar, violin and other instruments. Musical instruments have high requirements for precision and aesthetics. If the processing accuracy is in some gaps, it may affect the function of the instrument. Use the CNC router to enable the instrument to achieve high precision and output high quality instruments.

More importantly, the instrument needs to engrave the beautiful pleats on the surface. Use a CNC wood router to easily engrave exquisite mode. The finished product has an exact size, the engraving surface is flawless.

How to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router

Use CNC router to doing business for CNC craftsmen

If you are a craftsman and plan to run the CNC Woodworking business, you won’t miss this part. This part of the content will trigger some new ideas for your CNC woodworking and bring you more control services. Here, we provide you with some ideas you can try to use the CNC router. Through these CNC woodworking ideas, you will have a clear plan to run CNC woodworking business and doing business with CNC routers.

Is the CNC router for a CNC craftsman?

You may want to buy CNC Wood Router to support your CNC woodworking, and worry that CNC wood routers will be very heavy. In fact, the weight of the CNC wood router is different from hundreds of cg to hundreds of kilograms. Personal users do not require a large CNC router for CNC woodworking.

If you are a craftsman specializing in craftsmanship or CNC woodworking, small CNC routers can suit your needs. Its size is 60 mm * 90 mm, which only occupies a small area. It applies to personal numerical control services to meet most of the CNC woodworking individual needs. This machine is an ideal machine for running CNC woodworking business. Although it is very small, the machine has good performance in the CNC woodworking process, and the price is cost effective. In addition, the machine is equipped with a rotating device to achieve cylindrical processing. Will this machine become a good partner for CNC woodworking business? of course! This machine is welcomed by many people in the world. Now let’s take a look at what you can do.

Doing business with CNC routers: holiday items

So you have let your machine. Next, let’s consider your handicraft you can do: holiday items. Festive items are always welcomed during the festival. These crafts need to have creativity and unique. For example, you can engrave on Halloween or Christmas holidays. Or you can make some craft products will never be exceeded, such as moose, Santa or pumpkin wall hanging. People who want to celebrate the festival will like your CNC woodworking stores and handicrafts.

How to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router

Doing business with CNC routers: decorative items

The CNC router can make many ornaments. You can use wood, acrylic or colored plastic to design some wall-mounted handicrafts. More importantly, personal customization is always popular in each field. You can make table ornaments and engrave them with the names of their people you like. There are many other crafts products that can try, such as wall pictures, tapestries, wooden door frames, switches.

Cylindrical wood carving is also a good way to try. This craft product requires a higher skill, but as long as you have a CNC router equipped with a rotating device, it is easy to make cylindrical engraving. Processing crafts products have extremely collections of wood sculpture enthusiasts.

How to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router

Doing business with CNC routers: toys

Many children’s toys are cut or engraved with wood. So you can also try to make some toys with wood to fill in the CNC woodworking store. You can use the CNC router to make some toy models. For example, many boys like to play truck models, you can do some. With the help of the CNC router, making these toys will be super and efficient. Your handicraft will be loved by the children.

How to doing business with a CNC machine routerHow to doing business with a CNC machine router How to doing business with a CNC machine router?

Doing business with CNC routers: handmade activities

If you want to figure out other ways to doing business instead of yourself, you can hold handmade activities.

You can work with schools or universities near the CNC Woodworking Store and hold handicrafts. Coaching students run CNC routers. In addition, you can try some of the items of CNC routers. They will definitely learn a lot of knowledge and skills from this activity. More importantly, your CNC woodworking store will be more and more.

Doing business with CNC routers: contract handling

Contract processing is also a good way to make money. Some people can have materials in their hands, willing to make useful items, but they do not have CNC routers. You can then help them process items with their materials and charges to get parity.

Doing business for CNC starters with CNC routers

If you are a beginner about CNC routers, please don’t worry! The CNC router is not a complex machine, it is easy to learn how to operate it. By simple learning, you will make some items comfortably and make money. In the last section, we introduced some useful craft products that CNC craftsmen that can be manufactured, but beginners may be difficult. Therefore, in the following, we will introduce some simple projects that can be tried using the CNC router. At first, let’s talk about what kind of CNC router is suitable for CNC beginners.

Is the CNC router for CNC beginners?

The following is the basic 3 axis CNC router for IGOLDENCNC. This machine is very compact and is cheap. Its operation is easy to understand. With this CNC router, you can cut or engrave multiple materials via fast and high precision.

How to doing business with a CNC machine router?How to doing business with a CNC machine router?

Doing business with number control routers: family goods

There are many simple home projects to try using CNC routers. The first is a bottle opener. Prepare some thin hard metal plates (about 2 mm thick) to make bottles cover fines. The CNC router uses the CNC router to make the bottle cap Opener is disposable. No need for assistance.

You can also make a photo frame. The CNC router can help you engrave beautiful patterns on a photo frame. Manual work cannot be reached, but the CNC router can be easily completed.

Doing business with CNC routers: build blocks

The simplest toy must be a build block. Many children like to accumulate buildings. Even some adolescents or adults love them. The processing of building blocks is very simple. You only need to cut them into the correct shape and size, engrave some of their words or symbols, then draw them with beautiful colors.


As everyone knows, making money is not always as easy as we expect, so there are some suggestions that you should consider when running CNC services.

  1. Do not quit full-time job before the CNC router brings profits. If you have not enough CNC skills, you can work as partial-time jobs. After getting stable custom resources, the profits of CNC machining are sufficient to support your lives and even more than your main work, then you can consider all time spent on CNC services.
  2. Study the potential market part. Each project has its specific target custom group. Before you decide to produce any crafts, please check the sales of your area. If many stores sell the same product, there is no many people need it, that product is not a good candidate for your CNC business. Search some unique religious products worth buying in your area.
  3. Padded handicrafts. After completing the handicraft product, how to sell them, let more people know your CNC business? You can promote your CNC business in two ways: online promotions and offline promotions. First, for offline promotions, you can provide some flyers in your area, or hold handicraft activities, so that more people know your CNC woodworking store. In addition, you can prepare some free gifts and invite people to visit your CNC woodworking store. On the other hand, online promotions have huge potential. Your customers are not limited in the region and the country. You can sell your goods on eBay, Etsy, Facebook, or Amazon, especially in the world’s handicraft trade named Etsy. All these platforms are a great place to explore the CNC business.

In conclusion

This guide is not a guarantee for your CNC business, but it can bring a bunch of ideas and many handicrafts you can try. At the same time, it can help you avoid some potential risks, so that you are closer to your CNC business success. If you have special handling requirements, and you don’t know what kind of CNC router selection, you can leave your comment or contact us directly. We will try our best to assist your CNC business success.

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