2 Spindles CNC Router

Pneumatic System 2 Spindles CNC Router

The affordable nesting 2 heads CNC Router is a multi-function automatic CNC nesting machine, which integrates cutting, chamfering, relief, hollowing, punching, slotting and other processes, while meeting the processing requirements of cabinet doors and cabinets.

2 Spindles CNC Router

Description of the CNC Router with two Spindles

This two processes cnc router is equipped with two independent tools. The two spindles can be operated one by one according to the machining requirements without manual tool change, greatly improving production efficiency. In addition, it is equipped with a rotating device to meet the processing of cylindrical materials, and is widely used in the processing of furniture like table and chair’s legs, stair railings, sculptures, 3D reliefs, etc.

2 Spindles CNC Router

Features of the 2 Spindles CNC Machine

Two spindle working one by one,like a simple ATC CNC Routers, and it is more convenient to change the tool;

Distinct from 1325 4 SpindlesWood CNC Router Machine, this machine was designed with rotary device on the side,do cylinder processing;

DSP control system with USB port,just need the handle to operate machine,easy and convenient.

HQD air cooling spindle, and it’s speed can reach to 18000RPM per minute.


4.5KW*2+6KW Air-cooled Spindle

This 3 spindle realizes automatic tool change by change spindle pneumatically.

High speed, low noise, double guarantee for cutting strength and precision.

> 3 different cutting tools are installed at one time, and the cutting, drilling, grooving, and carving are carried out continuously;

0-second pneumatic tool change, 0-second start, no need for manual intervention, work efficiency increased by 400%;


Application: furniture( table legs, chair legs), stair handrails, sculptures, 3D relief and so on.

Advertising Industry: Advertising identification, sigh making, Acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.

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