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How to judge the quality of the engraving machine

Today, I will introduce to you how to judge the quality of the engraving machine, from which aspects?

Most customers can’t tell the quality of the machine even if they see the machine on site, and they don’t know about the engraving machine. This requires you to know the power of the spindle of the specific engraving machine, the power of the motor, and whether the drive is driven by a cheap drive board or a drive with stable quality from the salesperson.

Dual Spindle 3 Axis Woodworking CNC Router MachineThe cutting amount is not only an important parameter to be determined before the adjustment of the machine tool. High productivity and low processing interest are also related to the cutting amount, and whether its value is reasonable or not has a very important impact on the processing quality, processing efficiency, and production interest. Therefore, the reasonable cutting amount refers to the premise of making full use of the cutting function of the tool and the power function (power, torque) of the machine tool to ensure the quality. Make sure to complete at least one pass, and tool usage should be determined by part accuracy and surface roughness. Compared with ordinary machine tools, furniture wooden engraving machines can finish large pieces, and avoid changing the tool halfway during cutting. Engraving machine processing puts forward high requirements for tools, not only good rigidity, high precision, but also stable dimensions and high durability. Equipment adjustment is convenient, so as to meet the high power requirements of CNC machine tools.

Woodworking engraving machine

The size of the main standard of engraving machine accessories should be adapted to the general size of the work piece processed by the carpenter. That is, small work pieces should be selected for small standard machine tools. Make reasonable use of equipment. For large work pieces, large standard machine tools are selected.

Some companies have shown that the technical advantages of sculpture and painting can be summarized in sandstone relief. For perspective reduction in two-dimensional space, the layout depends on the influence of factors such as the standard size of the machine tool and the weight of the workpiece to be processed. If it is a plane carving and description, it should insist on diversity and diversification, and highlight the background description or virtuality of the main image, so that the description language of sandstone relief has a stronger narrative than other sculptures, especially round sculptures, and it is also normal. The expressiveness of sculpture.

The internal structure of the engraving machines produced by various manufacturers is basically the same, but the quality of the machines produced is very different. At this time, you need to have a pair of “eyes” to see the quality of the engraving machine and the quality of the accessories used.

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