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Best CNC Plasma Table for Small Business

CNC plasma cutting machine is an automatic cutting equipment, suitable for cutting and perforating various non-ferrous metal sheets such as carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, white steel, etc. Standard plasma cutting and flame cutting modes, integrated structure, bilateral drive, fast cutting speed, small inertia, and stable operation.

4×4 CNC plasma table is a compact hobby CNC plasma cutter with 48″ x 48″ table size for sheet metal fabrication in small shop or home use, with firm and reasonable structure, the 4×4 entry level CNC plasma cutting machine is easy to operate and durable for operation.

The small hobby CNC plasma table kit is high-speed, precision, compact integrated into the CNC plasma cutting system, It is specialized for carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate and other metal plates in any graphics fast plasma cutting. Usually, there is no need to undertake the surface processing after cutting, effectively, without dross and burrs. It can instead of the punching processing, This product with a high degree of automation, high reliability, high precision, low price, easy operation and maintenance, etc. This compact CNC plasma table is especially suitable for automatic cutting of medium and thin non-ferrous sheet metals, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, auto parts, hardware products, sports equipment, advertising and other industries with a highly cost-effective.

CNC plasma cutting  Applications

The plasma cutting machine can cut various metals that are difficult to cut by oxygen cutting with different working gases, especially for non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel), the cutting effect is better; such as stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel iron plate, aluminum plate, plated,copper etc. And could add flame head for cutting more thicker metal within 300mm. Thus it is widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive etc.

The main advantage of zinc plate, white steel plate and titanium plate is that when cutting metal with small thickness, the plasma cutting speed is fast, especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheet, the speed can reach 5~6 times of oxygen cutting method. The surface is smooth, the thermal deformation is small, and there is almost no heat affected zone.

How to choose a CNC plasma cutter?

If you mainly cut the thin steel plate and require a smooth cutting edge and high speed, consider the laser number control cutter;

If you are mainly cutting carbon steel, the requirements for cutting accuracy are not particularly high, then you can choose to choose the affordable, plasma cutting machine with flame cutting function.

If you want to cut multiple types of metals, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, etc., please consider our professional CNC plasma machine.

Why choose our CNC plasma machine?

The slit is narrow and smooth, so the deviation value is small, less waste of metal materials.

Flexible, convenient feeding saved manpower.

The CNC plasma table is simple to operate, and the processing efficiency is higher.

IGOLDENCNC provides a variety of CNC plasma cutting machines for different metal cutting machines. The CNC plasma cutting machine is popular by our users with high precision, high speed and high efficiency.

To learn more before purchasing, please contact us online or email us.

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