CNC foam engraving machine

How to operate the foam engraving machine

Foam engraving machine is the development direction of traditional cutting machine. The technological transformation of the building materials industry and the continuous growth of machinery demand; the development of high-tech industries such as electronic information, bioengineering, new energy, and new materials have put forward new requirements for precision, high-efficiency, and special-purpose machine tools. How to operate it correctly and safely is particularly important in practical applications. Different manufacturers and brands have different product designs.

CNC foam engraving machine


Safety operating procedures for foam engraving machine:

Check whether the parts of the foam engraving machine are in good condition and adjust regularly. According to the lubrication principle, add enough lubricating oil, inject the saponified oil into the working fluid tank, keep it clean, and check whether the pipeline connection is firm.

Check whether the wiring between the machine tool and the console is correct, whether the input signal is consistent with the moving direction of the mop, and adjust the high-frequency pulse power supply.

CNC foam engraving machine

Check whether the vertical and horizontal strokes of the worktable are flexible, whether the front and rear moving machines are flexible, and the column moves at the position of the stroke switch between the two baffles. The limiter of the step switch should be adjusted to the required range to avoid disconnection when power is on. Prevent the molybdenum wire and even the nut from being cut off due to the movement of the column due to inertia. After passing the inspection, it can be powered on.

When installing the workpiece, place the workpiece to be cut on the installation platform and fix it with the platen screws. When cutting the entire cavity, the workpiece must not come into contact with the mounting platform. If the die is cut, when installing the molybdenum wire, it must pass through the hole left in the workpiece and then cut.

When cutting, first start the computer, press the button, then turn the guide wheel, start the working fluid motor, and open the working fluid valve. If the cutting stops working or completes the processing, the inverter must be turned off first, the high frequency power supply must be cut off, and then the working fluid pump must be turned off.

Keep liquids clean and pipes unobstructed. Foam can be placed on a workbench. In the return tank and the working fluid tank, the working fluid tank and filter can be cleaned and replaced regularly.

4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving Machine

How to operate the foam engraving machine

The workbench, ball screw, and roller guide should be kept clean frequently, and dust should not enter, so as not to affect the motion accuracy.

If the drum shakes or vibrates during the reversing process, stop using it immediately, check whether the relevant parts are loose, and adjust it in time.

The idler bearing is injected with kerosene 1-2 times a week to maintain cleanliness and service life.

Special attention is paid to the maintenance and cleaning of the host equipment.

The operator of the foam engraving machine cannot move the electrical components and console devices, and immediately stops the machine when the problem is found, and informs the maintenance personnel for maintenance.

When the machine is running, cut off the power supply, wipe the machine and control equipment clean, keep it clean, cover the machine guide rail with a cover and clean it to prevent the machine guide rail from being contaminated with dust and tools, especially the sliding surface of the machine tool guide rail, refuel, and operate with care . Good handover and operational records.

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